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Tim Dittmer Session Edit V1

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So, you're going to start in position somewhere around here, wherever you'd be comfortable. Mark's going to feed the ball wide. Yep, you're going to find your position. OK. Got two talented wingers out there who are going to combine or get crosses in. If you hit a mannequin, you get a point. That's a point for the mannequin, it costs you a goal or these guys score a goal. OK, for every action you get correct, punch, catch or save, gets you a point. Happy? OK, it's on you. Play. Faster, faster. He's down. Yes. Next keeper in. Let's go. [COACH TO AUDIENCE:] Let's just get this going see how it works. Great cross. I'm just going to let them get going first. I keep it basic to start. There's a few other rules going to come in. [COACH TO PLAYERS:] Well done you two. Excellent. Quicker. Yes, quicker. Fantastic. Keep count of your score. [COACH TO AUDIENCE:] What I'm seeing at the moment, is not right start positions, stood in the set position. [COACH TO PLAYERS :] Just play on it's still on the pitch. [COACH TO AUDIENCE:] That's good movement. I'm seeing them stood in the start position too long and there's no transition in it yet, which i'm bringing in. Nice, that's it. Stand and be true. OK relax this is what I want to see, when the balls here, I want you to be right up the pitch, be really positive and then find yourself in the goal. So I want you to find yourself in the right position. Don't be stood still too long. What's wrong with that? [PLAYER:] You could be in the wrong position eventually. Because your supposed to move and you'll still be in the wrong position. So if it readjusts, you need to as well and show us that you're maybe moving the defence out. Don't be stood in the same position for too long. Right, that was the first thing. Second thing be more positive, be more positive attacking the ball. I want you to try and land in a different position where you took off. So really come out, be positive to get through and if you take off here try and land there, not there. OK. More positive. Right. Let's establish a bit in this. Always get a runner across the front. So we get finished and always get a runner down the middle. Don't worry about the back too much. If you're not coming for a cross, what we're doing? You've all done it. You've dropped back. Just be still. Some of you have guessed and leaned Some of you have guessed and leaned and just stand up. and just stand up. Save it with your feet. Save it with your hands. Whatever. OK. If you catch it Mark Mason will go, peel off, peel off or go and you've got to find him with a piece of distribution. Whatever you want. If the ball goes out the back, so if you help it on with a punch or it beats you, Jack Robinson is now coming alive. Yes Jack, he's alive and he's scoring or playing through any of the mannequins. Yeah? Right set-up. Go. Come on. It's a ball. Unlucky, Really have a go at that mate, I fancy you to save that. Faster, faster. What a ball. Magnificent. Look at this. Go. Yes, faster. Nice. Position. Better, what a ball. And stop on that one because the one before was brilliant, that one was great. What would have made that brilliant? You caught that there, that high. I reckon you could have either caught it at that high or punched it. So lads if you can be really positive take things not there, try and get in front of the mannequin because this is a striker in a game isn't it, as big as him. OK. So as you're coming through don't go behind him, get in front of him with a punch or a catch. OK. 2 in 2 out, you're out Philip go. When you drop, keep your height, keep your height, don't sit in. You need your height. OK, crossing position from there, right foot. Put me where you want me. Quick. OK. Where were you stood? You were here weren't you? OK. So you've got to think what's your job from here. What's your job? Defend the cross. First job is this. So this, he's not scoring here now, but what can't I do? The area, correct. Right. I can catch this now, but I can't do that. So you've got to be able to do this. But you've got to be comfortable doing that as well. So I'm saying, middle foot on that instant, in line with the penalty spot and that foot towards the ball. And you're fast enough, I've seen you move. Trust yourself that you'll get there if he cut's it short, or it's there, and you have a better chance of getting that or that from me. Go. Jack Robinson's on. Good. OK, last point from me on this one, if the ball goes out the back there and you've made some kind of effort or you've been unpositioned, what do you think your role is now? Defend the goal? Get in position. So I want to get you up, yes get out, squeeze it up, step. I'm now ready and in Jack's head I'm saying to him I'm coming for this, which means he might cross it further away or as he goes to kick it and then I'm just dropping in ready for if he shoots. So be positive and provoking with your start position. This is a provoking start position because he's now thinking I might shoot or I'm crossing it further away. Talked about being positive, OK. Go one then. Ball. It's a goal. Hits the mannequin it's a goal. Let's go. What a save. Higher, higher start position. Higher body position that, good. Can he? Yes. Yes. Good. Yes, we're on. OK time, excellent. Lads did it happen quickly there? Everything happening, going on? Chaos. It did. How did you feel? [PLAYER:] I thought was comfortable, I could do it but it was still quick tempo. So it's quick tempo with lots going on. So the more you're in quick tempo chaos stuff, the quicker you get at working out the scenarios and quickly responding and guiding people round you to get ready and defend the goal. Here's the exercise now, the ball has now made it into the box. Marco play the ball, you're just going to come and bounce it, to fill it there. From there, anything may happen. To score a goal, it goes in the goal. It hits a mannequin or we score it. So protect the mannequins, protect the goal. React to what happens, you two make some creative runs and you're rotating every single go. Take a minute to get it going. No problem. Yes. Lovely. Maybe at the near post. Faster, yes. He got away with a goal there. Next man in. Organise yourselves in there. [COACH TO AUDIENCE:] Another one who's left it. We'll have a look at this in a minute. [COACH TO PLAYERS:] Get your runs sorted. Should he stay in for that ref? Who's in charge of this session? Faster, faster Yes, go. Play on. I shouldn't have to shout play on, I'm bad for that. Go on. Excellent. OK, 2 in 2 out. I'm going to come in and make some points now. Get in a position where you're happy that it can't go in the goal, but also we're asking you to defend four yards out so you can't just stand like this, because things are going to keep going across you. So you might even show a bit of that and say I'm going to stand up and I'm gonna respond, to what he does. Don't just stand there and protect. Wait. Respond and go really positively towards there. Don't let it hit that. That's me. Well done. Can you cut it out though? Could you cut it out? Ready. Ready. Yes, go. There you go see, it can be done. One minute. Let's go. Go on then. He's gone for goal. Excellent touch. Make sure you're still. Go on then, what's that one? I'm going to make a coaching point and we're going to finish on that. because that was excellent. If he's reaching towards this now what can you afford to do? Step back because he's really reaching isn't he. That's where you can go and start defending the middle of the goal and the edge of the six yard box, if he's really reaching for it.

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