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Deliver a Program That Sells Itself_Final

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>> Hi, welcome back. In this lecture, we'll focus on how you can leverage the Health History as an opportunity to demonstrate your skills and expertise to make potential clients want to sign up for your program without even having to make a sales pitch. The average person is sold to thousands of times every single day. Everywhere we turn, we're met with advertisements trying to sell us on the next great product or idea. And with media integrated into just about every aspect of our modern lives, competition to sell is at an all time high. Because of this, people are forced to become more selective with their time, money, and attention. So with that in mind, you might be wondering how you can effectively pitch your program to make people want to commit their time, money, and energy to you. New coaches often get caught up in marketing and advertising as an answer to this, but this is only one small piece of the puzzle, and it's only the first step. It's easy to forget that marketing only recruits potential clients. It's still up to you to hook them into working with you after that. Starting out, we often feel like we have to become business pros with expensive marketing plans. Do you ever think to yourself, "I'm a really good coach, I just need to sell my program so I can prove this"? This belief is actually really damaging and it's holding you back by undermining your confidence. So I'm going to share with you a profound secret of how you can start signing more clients today. It's all about creating a paradigm shift. New coaches often lack confidence around selling their programs, but displaying confidence is what will turn your prospects into clients. Setting a confident tone is incredibly powerful. Conveying to your clients during the Health History that you strongly believe in your ability to impact their lives in a really positive way is what will set you up for a sale more often than not. So in other words, the number one tool to effectively selling your coaching is your coaching. You can sell your program just by doing what you do best and showing them with pride and excitement what it feels like to be in a supportive coaching relationship. You don't need any tricks or gimmicks. The Health History functions as an opportunity to coach potential clients which is an effective sales tool in itself because it showcases your coaching and your own unique program. A good coaching session without any overt sales pressure will typically leave people wanting more. A coach may also happen to be an expert salesperson, but if they aren't a good coach, they wouldn't go very far in the long run. Devote your time to coaching, focus on becoming the best coach you can be, and don't wait to put yourself out there. If you do this with confidence, you will get clients. It truly is that simple. Okay, if you still don't believe me, think of it this way. As coaches, we're naturally good at sales. Being a good coach and being a good salesperson both involve a common skill, how to be influential. The very skills and approach you'll build in refining your practice are the skills that will help you win over new clients. Building rapport, being authentic, listening actively, and making people feel valued and understood are some of the core skills taught and used in effective sales. Focusing on applying these skills to the best of your ability during the Health History and your sales pitch will automatically help you win people over. It's really that simple because if you think about it, uncertainty, self-doubt, and apprehension will mask your best authentic self. And this will leave prospective clients wondering what the value is to your program and whether or not it's actually effective. People will pick up on your uncertainty and this will leave them feeling uncertain. Confidence in yourself, your client, and your program is what sets apart coaches who sign from the coaches who whine. The Health History is a chance for potential clients to feel valued, feel heard, experience what it's like to talk freely and without interruption, to be honest with and about themselves and be received with full acceptance and no judgment or criticism, and to experience that it's completely okay to take the time to focus solely on themselves and to get in touch with themselves and what they desire. You do this by demonstrating what you have to offer. This includes your warmth and personality, your unique and authentic coaching style, your coaching skills, and any expertise you have within your niche. We want our clients to see us as relatable experts, not sales people. We're our best selves as coaches and when we work from a place of calmness through confidence. The way you make a prospective client feel when you first sit down with them is what will sell them. You're giving them a taste of something great and leaving them wanting more. Have you ever been shopping in the grocery store and were lured in by a smiling employee offering you a free sample. It happened to me last week. And then after tasting it, you end up buying that delicious item even though it wasn't on your grocery list, perhaps up until trying it, you didn't even realize it was something you wanted. It's the same logic here. Your Health History is the free sample. It's really just a complimentary coaching session receiving a taste of being in a coaching relationship with you is like your client savoring a delicious bite of chocolate cake. All you're really doing is entering into a therapeutic relationship with someone and then asking them if they'd like to continue it. Essentially you're whetting their appetite so they crave more. After going through the Health History, you can effortlessly and smoothly transition into a sales conversation by listening feedback and asking high-mileage questions, like saying, "Did you find that helpful?" And when they inevitably say yes, you just ask, "Would you like to continue coaching with me?" It's really that simple. So if you're feeling nervous or a little bit shaky before a meeting, remember that's completely normal, but remember to reframe the situation and tell yourself with a smile that you're simply offering this person a bite of your delicious chocolate cake or perhaps a better analogy since for Health Coaches is a bite of delicious gluten-free fruit tart. I think you get the point. I realize that you may not feel confident right now in this moment, but that's exactly why you're here taking this course. Trust that your active participation will help you develop all the tools you need to work effectively and confidently with your clients. The truth is you already have what it takes to be a great coach. Chances are you've been functioning like one for the people in your life for years. I'm here to help you tap into this. So if you don't feel confident yet, fake it till you make it. A great way to do this is to create and write affirmations down on a piece of paper and then read them aloud to yourself every day. Affirmations are positive, concise, present-oriented statements we can create about ourselves to help visualize change. An affirmation to increase your confidence around selling your program might be something like, "I am a confident coach with a great program to sell. I have what it takes to build a successful coaching business or I conduct health histories with calmness and confidence." The more frequently you repeat your affirmations, the more power they'll hold in your life. To help you create them, I've included a handout in this module with tips and examples. Affirmations are great tools to teach your clients, so hang on to this handout after you complete the course to share with them. So to recap the main points in this lecture, the best way to build your coaching business is to focus primarily on your coaching. Use the merits and power of your coaching and your authentic style to allow your program to sell itself. Offer your potential clients a sample taste of how great it is to be coached by you and leave them wanting more. The key to letting this greatness shine through is to conduct your Health History consultations with confidence in yourself and your program. If you aren't feeling confident just yet, like I said before, fake it till you make it. The best way to do this is to put mind over matter by reframing the Health History consultation as a delicious taste rather than a sales pitch and to tap into your greatness through the use of powerful affirmations. So what's your affirmation for success? Use the fake it till you make it handout to create your own powerful mantras and then share them with us on the Facebook group. See you over there.

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Deliver a Program That Sells Itself_Final

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