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Bernard Chambon, Rhodia - Reaction & Priorities

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What I learned from the 2009 HR Survey is that there is a true realization among European HR managers regarding the challenges to overcome in the coming years. It's rather exciting to see that there is a major consensus on the main issues to be dealt with over the coming years. It's rather reassuring, and this proves that the analyses conducted internally are corroborated by others. It's quite challenging when we see the kinds of problems that face us--they are not easy to resolve 43 HR's priorities for 2010 depend on the company's economic priorities and business. Our company's current situation gives us true visibility in some parts of the world --basically Latin America, Brazil, and Asia, especially China-- and less visibility in Western Europe and the United States. We will prioritize these geographic areas because this is where we see true opportunities for growth. Regarding a different technological and business aspect, sustainable development-related business, which represents a major share of our revenue, is going to grow even stronger. We must mobilize substantial resources to respond to the demands of our clients, especially in the automotive industry. It's not a change but rather an extraordinary driver for change. Our sector faces major challenges in terms of production restrictions, imposed by REACH, imposed by the commitments Europe has made in relation to CO2. These are significant opportunities because we believe that chemistry, as a science of innovation, holds the key to most of the technological solutions needed by downstream industries to overcome these challenges. From this perspective, the coming years hold great opportunities for us.

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Posted by: cscideas on Jan 15, 2010

Bernard Chambon, Assistant General Manager for Rhodia, reacts to the results of the 2009 HR Survey and presents the HR priorities of his company as well as the changes anticipated in the chemical industry in 2010

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