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16_1463 - Brand Essence

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(gentle music) So here's the plan. Around the time Edison invents the light bulb, you decide to start a life insurance company in Des Moines, Iowa, United States because you understand the need for long-term security, and you see a way to help people. You learn early on that life and business are full of surprises, and through wars and depressions, you become known for keeping your promises. So when employers started looking for ways to keep great employees, they naturally turn to you. You get into the retirement and long-term savings business. You get really good at it. You become a leader in asset management, and the world starts noticing the depth and breadth of your investment expertise. I mean, the whole world, governments and institutions, as well as businesses and individuals, so you set up shop in major financial markets across Asia and Australia, Europe, Latin America and North America. You gather new ideas and insights that help you adapt, grow, lead and inspire more than 19 million customers in 70 plus countries, and you become big, as in a half trillion dollars in assets under management big. You're recognized for ethics and innovation, and you get all these awards for being a great place to work. Then you realize that while the accolades are nice, they aren't why you're here. Because millions more people around the world are looking for a financial partner, someone who could help them make clear progress toward living their best lives, and you haven't lost sight of why you began this journey so many years ago. You see a way to help people wherever they are in life, one person at a time because that's who you are. You are Principal.

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Posted by: moore.jimmy on Jul 27, 2016


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