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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~05:00:40 - 05:15:41

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-Chipi! -Yes! Look Miriam, that's your fault. -Just stop undressing. -That's it. Don't dress like... Edith, you'll always be a difficult person. It's very cold here. You'e very tall. Why are you standing there again? -Memory, could you escort us to the river? -I was already thinking of going! -Going where? -To the river to fetch water. -Have you put the pot on the fire? -Yes. -I thought you were supposed to get that? -There's water in it, right? Why don't you pour the water in there instead of taking it with the water in it? -There are no other plates in there? -Where? In there. Joseph, can I borrow that pail? -You've... -No. -Keep denying it. Aren't we taking these? Have they really told you? I thought you broke it! I would've been all over you. -Will you wait for us? -Are you kidding? Waiting for you uu uu uu? Let's go, Memory! -It's freezing cold. -Really? So what do you want to get? I just want to get an umm.... It's tricky wearing these sweaters with holes in them when it's this cold. -How are you? -We're good. -They have some books at Lea's... -Memory, you should be going to bed...You'll be writing with yours. -They have them at Lea's place. -What's that? -Some wild fruits, plenty of them. -They're here. -How many? -How many? -There's plenty, plenty of fruits. -The fruits are there. -Now you want to trap me, huh? Where else would you find it without bread? -The bread is as good as a doughnut. -A doughnut? You know what, Lea is so stingy! I was quick in fetching the water. I'll meet it there. -"Listen to me my son, John..." -When we go that way, we normally see... -"You're my first born." -...where Simeon stays. "They've put me in handcuffs and took me to Zomba Prison, look after your mother..." "Listen to me my son, John. You're my first born." It's not yet cooking! Do you believe that? -If the pot just fell... -I would run as fast as I could. -Me too! -Don't be a chicken. -Would you really run? -Let's dress up. -Could you really drop everything! -You'd just see it chasing you. -Chasing you? I'd be running and laughing my head off. As for me, I'd run fast. Do you think you could outrun me? -I'd beat you up if you did... -That would make you run. -How about the water! -"We should tease with it, and handle the bucket, I'll be around, I'm leaving..." When we're coming back, I'll just drag my pail along... -Get the pail. -Even if I left it, I wouldn't care less, so long as you get dry. That's right! I could hit it hard. I'd just toss it to one side. I'd even throw stones at it if I saw it coming from that way. -You go and tell Aunt that I didn't sleep at all last night. -But do you really think you could fail to sleep? -I didn't sleep at all today. -But can you fail to catch your sleep? Memory, you'll never run out of sleep. I only slept for a bit, then immediately got up. I don't know why. When we woke up, I was so weak and sleepy... I can't hear you. -"The girl is now married." -I just sat here and all of the sudden it's full. The girls have found us here, and so have you. -"My lover has gotten married." -You've also found us here, we're stuck. "It hurts me that you've left me. I hope things will work out in the next life..." "We grew up together since childhood. We've been lovers all our lives..." "I was searching for marriage. I was hiding. My friends hurried to find their suitor, and I hear, 'Oh Oh!,' she got married..."

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Duration: 15 minutes and 2 seconds
Country: Malawi
Director: Jason Price
Views: 210
Posted by: glm_administrator on Jun 24, 2008

Edith and Memory return to the stream to wash dishes. On the way, Edith spots some wild fruit and beckons Memory who fears it's a trap set by her big sister. They arrive at the stream and get to work - singing songs and gossiping. They imagine what they'd do if that mysterious dog re-appears. Edith can't stand the cold, but Memory doesn't seem to mind.

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