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16A01268_GSC_CSS_Stay Ahead of the Adversary

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Meet Simon. As the head of security for a large organization, Simon has a lot of tools at his disposal, but his team is constantly stretched. In a perfect world, he could get ahead of threats and put preemptive measures in place, take less time to determine when he's truly under attack, respond to incidents quickly and decisively, keep his team ready to combat the latest attacker tools and techniques. What Simon really needs is a trusted security partner who will become an extension of his team and help him minimize detection and response times, enable compliance, and proactively tackle emerging threats. This is where Symantec Cyber Security Services comes in. Symantec Cyber Security Services is powered by rich technical and adversary intelligence and an elite group of global security professionals, research analysts, and incident responders. With Symantec, Simon's team can be more informed, prepared, and responsive. Deepsight intelligence provides relevant, context-rich, and timely threaded adversary intelligence to help Simon's team anticipate and mitigate security risks and keep his executives informed of the organization's security posture. Cyber criminals are persistent and attack from all angles. Managed Security Services includes advanced monitoring of billions of alerts to quickly identify the critical few incidents threatening Simon's organization. And with Symantec, when Simon needs help, he can speak directly to his designated analyst team. And compromise doesn't need to equal disaster. When an incident occurs, response activities need to be fast and precise. Symantec provides incident response and readiness services to help Simon's team be better prepared and responsive. Finally, security teams need to be tested and prepared to combat today's most advanced targeted attacks. Simon could assess and strengthen his team by having them walk in their attacker's shoes, using security simulation, Symantec's cloud-based skills development environment. Working with Symantec, Simon can strengthen and extend his in-house security expertise, reduce operational overhead, improve responsiveness, and better utilize his resources, becoming much more informed, strategic, and proactive about his security posture and overall program in the process. To learn more about Symantec Cyber Security Services, visit

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Posted by: symantec on Jul 31, 2015

16A01268_GSC_CSS_Stay Ahead of the Adversary

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