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How to make a video for social media sites like Facebook

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[howdini - get yourself a guru] Hey, I'm Joe. [Joe Penna - Digital Filmmaker] Check out this little guy. I'm going to use it to show you how to make and share a video for social media sites like Facebook. Not all videos need to be made for massive audiences. Sometimes it's fun just to make a video for your friends and family and share that experience with them. With this camera you don't even need a camera crew to help you. What? Ahhh! In my case, my parents live all the way across the country. So sometimes I like to make videos to show them my life here in California. When I'm not working on videos I like to explore around L.A. This weekend I'm going to Catalina Island. I'm going to be taking HD footage to share with my family. This camera is so lightweight and portable that I can just fit it in my pocket and be on my way. [♪Music♪] This is the video that I shot. I uploaded it to Facebook, and I don't have to carry two cameras on my trip, because I can shoot both video and still pictures with this guy. [♪Music♪] The best videos show interesting things, like local characters and fun experiences, but also tell a story about your unique trip. [♪Music♪] Now that you're back from your trip and done with your video, you can share it with your friends and family through Facebook, Twitter, and even places like Photobucket and Picasa. After it's up you may even see your friends and family start to share their own experiences with you. Hey, Joe! I just saw your video from Catalina Island. This weekend mom and I just did some school shopping. Hope you're having a good one, man. I'll see you! Thank you for watching. Make sure you guys check out all my videos on

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Posted by: howdini on Oct 26, 2010

Video is a great way to stay connected with friends and family. If you go on a day trip or take a tour of your city, why not share your experience with mom, dad or your best friend who lives 1000 miles away? Digital filmmaker Joe Penna shows us how to make great videos to upload to social media sites like Facebook.

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