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Treball anglès oral i esprit pers mitants de comunicació

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Hello everybody and good afternoon. I stay with Amaia Romero, the winner of a Spanish TV show, Operation Triumfo. Hi Amaia, how are you? Hi Joel, I'm doing okay, everything's fine. I'm living my best moment now and that's all I could ever asked for. And I'm so happy to be here, it's a pleasure for me that you interview me. I'm such a big fan of your's. Thank you. What did you feel when the journalist Roberto Leal said that you were the winner of Operation Triumfo? You know, I think a lot of people might believe that but at the end well I don't really know because I'm not the one who says who's the winner and who isn't. You might want someone to win but another person might want another one. I'm so thankful for that, for what Roberto Leal said. And that's everything I want. Nowadays what's your relationship with Alfred Garcia? I knew that you would ask me that. After everything we remain friends and that's okay you know. Cause I think that after a relationship you have to stay in a good place with your ex-partner and that's it. Now we are going to talk about your album. Pero no pasa nada, that's the name of the album. It's so beautiful and you sing with your genre. What's your favorite song of the CD? Well, they are all my favorite songs but If I have to choose between one of them I would say El Relampago because I wrote that song with all my heart and I think it's a really pure one. I would say that but I love all of them. Aitana, your best friend in Operation Triumfo is the winner of a MTV and a Latin Grammy award. What do you think about her awards? I think it's amazing you know. She's an amazing singer and an amazing person of course, that's why she's one of my best friends. We remain nowadays in touch so I think it's amazing and she really deserves it. I'm so happy for her. She's so amazing. I'm such a big fan of her. Goodbye Amaia it's an honor for me interviewing you. See you soon

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