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Introduction to Back2Back Nigeria

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In the Western part of the continent of Africa lies the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Nigeria, known as “the giant of Africa,” is inhabited by 175,000,000 people making it the most populous country on the continent. Nigeria is comprised of a vibrant array of spoken languages and people groups with more than 250 languages spoken and ethnic groups residing in the country. While nearly 60% of Nigerians live on less than a dollar a day and 78% remain illiterate, Nigerians place high value on caring for and helping one another like family. Back2Back has been assisting orphaned and vulnerable children and working within the Kisayhip Village community – just outside of the city of Jos – to empower those in need since 2007. Healthy food feeds the body, tutoring feeds the mind, and loving caregivers feed the heart and soul. Due to low literacy rates, much of the ministry’s work in Nigeria is faithfully dedicated to providing consistent, well-rounded education to each child. The Igmin Kibe Education Center, founded in 2011, seeks to address the growing struggle to educate children within an inconsistent educational system. The education center sees after-school programming as an entryway and investment into each child’s life. Living as a family, communicating as loved ones, and learning important dynamics of living together and caring for each other, Hope Program Houses offer older students the opportunities to pursue educational goals. Teens are provided the stability to grow spiritually, emotionally, and socially as they take steps toward breaking cycles of poverty and are cared for by a called and loving married couple. Back2Back also partners with numerous children’s homes around Jos, providing holistic care and creating family-like environments to create safe spaces for children to live and flourish. Consistent staff and a growing number of caregivers assures each child that they are seen and known, uniquely individual, and wholly loved by them and a God who is writing their story. As each child grows in an environment in which they are cared for and afforded opportunity, they each begin to understand that, while trauma may be a part of their history, it is not what defines them. Unique to the ministry’s work in Nigeria and pursuing the goal of empowering villagers, Back2Back Nigeria has begun several farming initiatives. A pig farm, built through a partnership with Self-Sustaining Enterprises, offers a unique opportunity for local Nigerians to become shareholders in a local business venture. Additionally, chicken and crop farms offers sustainability for villagers, creates a stronger culture of community, and provides financial freedoms often difficult to obtain in Nigeria. Back2Back, through collaboration with other like-minded partners, Nigerian nationals caring for their own, and committed sponsors and mission guests, is committed to providing deep, holistic care for orphaned and vulnerable children in Nigeria. Offering care for today and hope for tomorrow, we never lose sight of the vision that each child will become dependent on Jesus – a devoted follower of Christ; interdependent in their community – a good citizen and neighbor, and an independent adult – able to care for themselves and their family. Back2Back will be faithful to the children and families of Nigeria as they build the future of their beautiful and vibrant country.

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