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Hi everybody and welcome again to class number 6 of Kabbalah 2. And today, I would love to talk about miracles. In what way we can perform miracles and also I would love to give longer time for questions and answers. So first, the idea of miracles. What is the Kabbalistic idea of miracles? Where are miracles really coming from? How can we participate in the process of drawing miracles to our life? Our natural tendency, when we hear about miracles, we're saying it's probably coming from God. It's whenever positive things happen beyond our expectation, beyond logic, unbelievable, defies the laws of nature, of physics, when you don't expect them and it appears as if we have no control over miracles. It's somehow God's intervention. The strangest thing is, in one hand, we do believe God is an infinite force of giving but when it comes to miracles, we say "I hope God this time will give me a miracle". "Nothing to do with me!" Is that what's really God all about? And we know, Kabbalistically, that the way the light of the Creator revealing its energy, its beneficence, is true the 10 sefirot, through the 10 levels of consciousness. And the world that we live in is the world of the last consciousness, called the Malchut. Or the world of action, or the world the one percent realm. That is the world that we live in. And, whenever we say "wow what a miracle", it's whenever something positive happens which is against the usual laws of the one percent realm. The usual laws of the logic, the physicality, of the one percent realm. That's when we experience a miracle, what we are referring to. We're not used to such an unbelievable health situation. We're not used to some unbelievable recovery from a court situation. We're not used to unbelievable relationship solutions. We're not used to based on what? On the one percent reality. On the malchut reality. On the physical reality. And we know Kabbalistically, parallel to the reality that we live in there is many, many, many other reality. Which, the world that we live in is the predictable reality, the limited reality, the ups and downs reality and in this reality there is a lot of moments of chaos and pain. But if I'm basically looking at my life as if I jumped another dimension one of the highest sefirot, I would see that actually that particular chaos in the relationship, that particular betrayal in the relationship do not exist. Or that particular financial chaos and lack of cash, and needing to sell my house, if I am able to see the parallel universe, in another dimension that coexisting with my realm right now. That financial problem does not exist. And, actually, relative to me it would be miraculous but it's not a miracle it's already there So Kabbalistically only in the one percent dimension there is a fixed logical destiny but parallel to this there is a higher, less chaos, more fortunate, miraculous destinies and movies and scripts of my life that include every aspect of my life. Including my relationships, my self esteem, my health situation, my financial situation, anything in my life, exists in a parallel universe as a better reality. The whole concept of miracles Kabbalistically is not waiting for the miracles to come from above What can I do to shift my consciousnesses from the consciousness of Machut, physical reality 1% dnd to plug, by raising my consciousness, to plug into that reality which is miraculous which all the time existed, waiting for me to tap into it. That's what really it's about, the same old story, with the splitting of the Red Sea. When the Israelites faced the Red Sea on one hand and behind them were the Egyptians and the Israelites started to cry to God and God told them, why are you yelling at me, he told Moses. Talk to the Israelites and just go ahead. Which, really what God is saying, the potential miracle is already there. The sea is already parted, you need just to use your tools and to raise your consciousness to a place that you connect to that reality that the sea is parted. Instead of praying to God, "Please help me to part the sea!" God already coexisting in all the different dimensions. In the 1% he exists, he just reveals 1% of himself and in all the other dimensions he reveals only 10% of himself, of 20% of him and 30 and in the highest dimension he is revealing in a 100% way, which means it's the ultimate miracles. No flaws, no chaos, that's our goal eventually. So what God is telling us, "don't pray for me for the miracle to come." I'm willing to help you to raise your consciousness, to shift your universe to a place that the miracle is already there. And that's the Kabbalistic approach to miracles. What are the things that I can do, that you and me can do, to jump into that parallel universe in a leap way, in not a gradual way, in an immediate way, which we call it miracles? What can we do to do about it? And according to the Zohar, there is a concept that says that God is our shadow. What does it mean? Teacher of the Rav Berg, in his letters to the Rav Berg many years ago wrote about the concept that God is our shadow. It means in the same way, when we're walking in the streets and we have our shadow following us from a street light, in the same way exactly God is our shadow. It means if I will do miraculous things, I will attract miracles in my life so as long as I'm letting my natural tendency of the 1% reality of the desire for one's self alone, of my needs for approval of my need to feel my ego, of my patterns of Tikkun control me, of course I will not attract illogical reality I will not attract miraculous reality because miracles mean beyond nature. I will attract a typical reality that comes in the physical reality, sometimes good sometimes bad. But if I would like to attract reality beyond the physical nature, If I would like to attract reality above the natural tendency, beyond logic, I need to do actions outside of the nature of my desire for one's self alone. I have to do extra sacrifices which appear - we think it's a sacrifice but in a real reality it's not which is not feeding in to my needs and my impulsive desires and as strong and as harsh I will be in my attempt to run away from just filling up my temporary egos, that's how fast I will attract miracles beyond nature because the rule is very simple. God is our shadow means as I'm running against my nature of my satan and my body consciousness. That's how I will attract reality beyond the nature of the physical world which is miraculous reality. So, I would like to be specific and I would like to talk about three areas that we would like to perform miracles The area of excitement, the area of thinking big, and the area of mind over matter, about these three areas. First, maybe I would like each one of you to think about one area in your life that you would really like to shift your universe. To experience miracles, to experience a parallel destiny which is much better than you have because you feel you're stuck but you really would like to shift your consciousness to a place that you don't want anymore that chaos in your life. So think about one area, that you don't want just gradually, you would like really to shift to a new reality which is miraculous compared to yours. So think about it for a second. One area. Great. Now, let's talk about excitement. How, through excitement, we can perform miracles in our life. So let's look at excitement for a second. What makes you and me excited, usually? Things, exciting things happening. We are about to go for a vacation. You're about to go for a date. You just heard good news. A check came your way, you're closing a deal. An amazing person that you're looking forward to meet, you're about to meet them. You're excited about it. Somebody flattering you. Your look amazing. This amazing project you're about to deal with that's exciting you. Usually our excitement is something from the outside that comes my way that I'm about to approach which brings the excitement, or some exciting hobby that you're about to, to act about. A gambling that you love, any type of something that you perceive as great coming your way. You're about to go to that vacation, you're about to have that sex, you're about to go out to that person you're excited about. External things that are happening our way make us very excited. It's very boring to go through the routine day, do your work, you make your effort, you try to smile, you try to oppose the attitude We need action, we need excitement, we all live for it. And when we don't get it from the outside, it's very tough. And, I'm not saying this type of excitement are bad but that's the normal excitement. External excitement stimulates my excitement. External great happy things that I love comes my way, that will stimulate my excitement, that's the normal excitement. I live in a normal, 1% world. Which I'm the effect, I'm not the cause. I'm ruled by things that are happening in the outside. And those will stimulate my excitement. I'm not saying it's bad but this type of excitement for sure will not create miracles. I'll keep living in the world like everyone else lives, in the 1%, hoping things will be better. There is a higher level to excitement. What is the higher level of excitement? According to Rabbi Isaac Luria, Ari, that lived 450 years ago, some say the soul Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, the author of the Zohar. He said the main reason why people do not see miracles and amazing blessings as a result of their spiritual effort. To give to others, to do great things, to learn, spiritual study, to meditate, to pray. The reason why they do not see great miracles and wonders because they're doing it as if it's a burden. Just to get over with it and not truly with excitement and thrill. And Rabbi Isaac Luria is saying imagine all the spiritual things that we do already, all the actions of giving that we're doing already. All the routine that we're doing already, which is positive, that's helpful for others, we stop before and we bring our self into a state of excitement as if right now somebody gave you a million gold coins. That's his words. Usually we're excited only if the million gold coins will come my way. Or that great treasure or person or situation or thrill or adrenaline will come my way. But he's saying differently, look at every positive action that you do during the day. From just helping somebody with offering them coffee, from a smile, from solving a problem for somebody from the charity that you do, from scanning, from meditating, from praying, from connecting, from learning about your soul and pause before and inject excitement, be proactive about it. Don't way for the excitement to come only if you feel like it. Since you're doing it without awareness there is Light of God involved in it. So why am I not excited, if the Light of the Creator exists in that particular situation? Why am I not excited? I should be very excited. Because I don't see the rewards? Because I don't know when I'm going to get the consequence of that positive action. Because now I just feel like stretching. I should be excited about restriction? I should be excited about going through a moment of pain? I can understand, give me more Restrict, don't react to it. But excited about it? The extent of Light I can reveal depends directly how excited I am to connect with that Light. So if I'm doing actions of stretching, of helping another human being, or connecting through the Zohar. And I'm not so excited, so really in my consciousness, I don't really believe I'm connected to the light of the Creator. But, you know I didn't feel anything, so do I want to be ruled by the physical reality or do I want to be above it? So, basically every time I'm doing a spiritual reaction and I'm injecting excitement, it's expressing the ultimate level of certainty. I don't need the rewards, the reward already exists in the action. Because I believe with no doubt that I'm connecting to the Light of God and the Light of God means blessings in my life As if the biggest thing happened in my life. So I don't have to wait for the reward because if I wait, I'm ruled by the physical reality and sometimes I'll be happy and sometimes I'll be disappointed. I want excitement to be from a place of cause not effect, from the place of the originator. I'm injecting excitement, not reacting with excitement to things that are happening. So, when I'm able to inject excitement, into those areas in my life, especially that they are my tikkun. That it's tough on me to do. It's a stretch for me to do. It's uncomfortable for me to do. But I'm doing it with excitement, I'm not just doing it. And the excitement is with awareness as if I got all the gold in the world already now. I don't have to think what I'm going to get. I got all the rewards and I don't even need to think exactly what I'm going to get. I'm so excited to the extent of the excitement that's expressed the extent of the certainty and the extent of how much Light and how much miracles I'll bring into myself. So in this case of excitement, by me overcoming the regular typical nature of being excited whenever external things are exciting me and I'm injecting the excitement, I'm going beyond nature and the light will allow me to receive things beyond nature, which that what miracle is about. So, every time I'm doing the routine positive action or the major stretches or the uncomfortable connections to the Light of the Creator, it's not enough to do it, "ugh it's difficult but I have to do it because that's what Kabbalah teaches." No. It is about doing it with excitement. Knowing that, forget about the results, now is the result. The actual action. The seed and the fruit are together. In the real, in the reality of miracles, the cause the effect are together. The reason I'm excited is because I don't want to wait for the effect, I don't want to wait in the 1% world. The effect exists in the action, you do action of giving, there is already miracles and light and blessings and you get already, "but I didn't get it...", of course you got it! In the 1%, you didn't get it, in the 99%, of course you got. So, where do you want to live? In the 1% or in the 99%? Do you want miracles or do you want the normal reality? So excitement expresses being in the universe of miracles. Because all the universe is above the 1% realm, cause and effect are together. And excitement expresses that I believe and I know and I act as if both worlds are together. My action, I'm already excited about it because the reward is included in it. Be the cause, don't be the effect, so that's one level of performing miracles. Being excited and as I'm talking, of course I'm hoping you see in what areas in my life which I'm so routine, doing good actions, I'm not as excited. Maybe at the beginning I was, I'm not anymore. That's the key. That perseverance with excitement. As if it's the first time I'm doing it. And I'm so aware, of so much huge light and energy, I'm connecting and blessings. This is a huge, huge tool to perform miracles. And bigger the excitement, faster the miracle will come. The second thing, thinking big. Thinking big. What is thinking big? You know, for a typical business man, thinking big is just thinking about huge deals. That's what thinking big. But of course, that's not necessarily the Kabbalistic concept of thinking big. Because a person can think big in a very greedy way. A person can think big without really thinking about anybody else just for himself alone. I want more. I'm hungry for more. I want more satisfaction, more money, more success, more honor, more pride, more respect, more approval, more more more! So that's not necessarily thinking big. I'm talking about the Light think big. Does the Light think big or small? The Light wants to give infinitely The light wants to heal the entire world. And often, we hide under the label of being spiritual by saying, you know what, I just like a little bit I don't need more, if it's financially, if it's for my relationship, if it's for my way of influence the world, I'm just a nice guy making my own influence through my day to day meetings, people, people. Why should I really think bigger and have bigger goals, it's too much pressure anyway. Why do we want it? But part of connecting to the Light of God is being like the Light, the Light is big, The Light is huge, the Light is in the details, but at the same time, global, infinitely, care about the entire world. So if you look at your area of business, why should you think bigger in business? Why should you jump and risk to a bigger level? Because the more you succeed in business with the laws of honesty and human dignity, the more influence you help through your work and the more you are capable to share. With the XXX and the laws of receiving for the sake of sharing. If you think small and you settle for less in your relationship, "you know, that's life, that's the way it is, I don't think I can improve it." That's not where the Light want's us. The Light wants to give us everything. The Light wants to give us the biggest miracles in the world. Don't worry about how to be able to do it, first, think big. Think big especially in the areas that we think small. I'm incapable, I'm insecure, I cannot do it. I need to identify those areas that I am thinking small. I don't have huge motivation. I need to break my limits. Especially in those areas where it's a risk. And I'm not talking about greed for myself alone. Of course, when I'm thinking big, it has to do with the sake of sharing and not for myself alone. When I'm talking about thinking big, I want to be famous because that will make me better about myself. Of course, the approval of other people, doesn't matter how many people, a million, two million, a billion people will never make me feel better about myself. Talking about thinking big, how can, in a big way, can influence maybe a billion people? Or if I'm just influence two, I would like to influence 10 and 20 or 50 and a 100. And then a million, and more. But, as far as the need for approval, as far as the need to fill up my ego, my need for fame, my need for glory, my need for recognition, my need to impress people with my accomplishments of course at the same time I need to resist it! Because, more ego for myself alone, more the immediate need for approval from people, less I'm connected to the Creator. So, of course I cannot perform miracles this way, so I of course bigger we think, more we need to reduce our ego and need for approval. It's no question about it. But we still need to think bigger. We need to think bigger. How can I get more for the sake of sharing? How can I give more? I can I expend more? How can I not settle for less? How can I make every aspect of my life better and bigger? And don't just accept, "You know what, I'm just a little guy those guys are spiritual, these guys are powerful business men, this guy is very charismatic, I'm not like this. That's who I am." Within who we are, we can always go to the next level. And if you have level from one to ten, it doesn't mean you go from one to ten right away, you go from one to two, from two to three, but we break the limits, think bigger! Now pause for a second, and think for a second, the areas in your life that you don't think too big. You think pretty small, you settle for less. Areas that you're talented about, areas that you're not so talented about, Areas of influence having on people, how many people you desire to influence in a positive way, as far as success, financial success, as far as relationships, as far as areas that you settle for less. Think one area at least in your life, that you know you are stuck with small thinking because you're afraid to risk. You're afraid to fail which is all illusions of satan. We're not the one that is protecting our self anyway. When you keep too small, unfortunately, we attract failure energy into us because the light cannot stay with us. The light needs to stay with us only if we have affinity with it. So if we're constantly increasing our vessel and thinking bigger, the light can be with us. So think about one area please, in your life. So, again, breaking the limits, thinking big, breaking the limits. With excitement, combining both. I want to go big, in spite of the risk, in spite of the fear of something going to happen, I want to go to the next level, I don't want to stay small and by doing it, I'm shifting my normal thinking and I'm plugging into the consciousness of miracles. The mere fact I'm thinking bigger. I'm already doing it. The third concept: mind over matter, which we heard so many times, many teachings but what is mind over matter, really? Many aspects to it, we're not here to bend spoons. That's not what I'm saying when I'm talking about mind over matter but physical matter means many things, but one of the expressions of physical matter or when a kabbalist says mind over matter is our emotions. Because really the seed of everything is thoughts, mind, which manifests itself into emotions. But, unfortunately, in so many areas in our life, and that's where we are reactive, our emotions are controlling our thoughts. It means because I'm scared I will believe that that's bad for me to do. So, my belief system will be totally slave to my emotions. And I will trust my belief system without making any attempt that through my thoughts I can overcome my emotion. So, basically belief system and thoughts is one aspect. My emotional field is another aspect. My emotional field will refer as physical matter, because it's more grounded to the body, to the "me", to the limited. And my thoughts and my belief system we will refer more to mind. The goal, eventually, is to be able to control and to transform my emotion, my feelings, and eventually then my physical reality by changing my belief system and by changing my mind and my thoughts. And how do we apply in this case mind over matter? What's the concept here? So, there are many situations especially when we face challenges, that we'll go through emotional pain about. Or there's many situations that we face an opportunity to do something, which we know maybe in our mind, it will be good for us but we are so scared and so afraid and sometimes so angry and so shut down, that emotion don't let us do an action. When we're depressed, some major cloud of emotion that takes over us. Because we cannot just say, "just mind over matter! " I cannot, I don't feel I have energy." My emotions suck me down. This emotion of depression, of hurt, of anger, control me. I don't have even freedom in my mind. And usually when we have those emotions, our minds drive us crazy with limited thoughts. With thoughts of "I cannot do it", with thoughts of judging myself. Thoughts of judging the world. So what's the point? Imagine there are basically two knobs in front of you, that you can turn. One of the knobs is the knob that represents emotion, which going to the left represents very low emotions and negative feelings and turning the right the knob represents excitement and joy and happiness, which you all would love to be there. And the right knob that we hold with our right hand represent, mind, thoughts, certainty, which the left side of the knob, if you're turning the knob to the left, it represents, "I can't do it, I'm zero, I'm nobody", which is total slavery to negative and low emotions. And the other one, "I can do it! It is possible! All the way! I'm certain! The light will take over in spite of how I feel. And usually, whenever the left knob of the emotions is going to the left which is down, right away we will be affected in our mind and in our thoughts and we will follow it like slaves. Thinking small, thinking limited, thinking impossible, thinking I cannot do it, that's how it's going to work. And whenever something is going to happen from the outside that's going to boost me back with emotional positive energy, then my thoughts will go toward the positive and that's usually what's happening. My mind and my thought pattern and my belief system are slaves to my emotion. So, let's go to a moment in our life that our emotions, which is normal for all of us will go left, will go down. And here with my mind I'm saying, "but I don't have any strength to think positive because everything is down and I see darkness!" That's the time to express mind over matter. That in spite of the fact that I don't feel any energy of inspiration or motivation, in spite of the fact that I don't feel any thrill and excitement, I know deep inside in my soul the fact that I'm thinking toward, I can do it, it's opportunity, it's a blessing, keep going no question you can do it. With the help of the Light, everything will turn around. All those positive minds and thoughts, even though you're not really hearing that voice in a powerful way, like when we are motivated and inspiring to others and to ourselves, the fact that you tell yourself, "I can do it". The fact that you recite in your mind those thoughts and deep inside you tell yourself, even though it sounds like a very, very low volume voice, I know that mind is much more powerful than matter I know that mind is much more powerful than emotion. And don't expect that right away the emotion will follow! But if you have perseverance, in spite of the low feelings, you talk to yourself, you inject those thoughts and you inject them from the soul which is bigger than anything else and the thoughts would like of course to go toward the doubts, no forget about it. But you keep holding onto the thoughts, I can do it. And even though you still feel weak and you don't see anything changing, doesn't matter that's our test. Everything feels weak, the emotions go to the left, my mind wants to take me to the left but I'm holding on, "NO!" "It will work. " but then our thoughts will say, "But how long can I wait?! I don't see any happiness any excitement coming! ", hold on! Sooner or later, the emotion will follow the mind. And that's really mind over matter eventually. That's really, mind over matter is not when I'm so powerfully excited that naturally I'm saying, "No! I know that chaos is an illusion! And we're going to make things happen with the help of the Light!" That's great but that's not the ultimate mind over matter. The ultimate mind over matter that your body, your laziness, the emotion drive you crazy and make you down because of a project that you're doing, because of a money loss, because of a health situation, because of fear to deal with something because you feel you have no strength, no power and you're weak or facing that individual, or doing the things that you're supposed to do and you tell yourself, I can. Yeah, but it doesn't boost me! Hold onto this thought! And believe that the thoughts eventually dictate our what our reality will be. And if you hold onto it enough, you'll turn the emotion towards you. And the key is, what is tikkun? Tikkun is those areas in my life that my emotion and my mind are not correlating. Those areas that you want to think positive, those areas that you want to think, be a giver those areas that you want to think, be excited, those areas that you want to think you can do it. Those areas that you want to think everything is possible, but your emotion tells you know it's impossible. And you're totally down and unexcited about it. But we have to begin somewhere You're not going to be right away excited about it. First, you think it you inject that energy, you hold onto it, and the bigger the tikkun from past life times and bigger the negativity, the damage we created in that area. We were selfish in that area in past life times, the harder it will be turn around the emotions to turn around the feelings. But eventually it is possible. Because it is up to me, it is up to me really. How much power I'm giving to my mind and how much power I'm giving to my emotion? If I'm deciding my reality is my emotion, and I'm slave to it, that will be my life, then I will need a lot of external boosts of energy from drugs and alcohol and stuff to get me back to excitement. I don't want it, sometimes you need some external support, absolutely but I'm saying what can I do? That in times that I feel it's impossible. What is the costs to think it's possible? To think! And to hold onto this thinking The only cost is: lack of faith. We're afraid to fail. But that's what life is about. At the end of the day, what is the biggest gift God gave us? He told us, "I want you to master this universe." When it says, "Man was created in the image of God", it means human beings can master this universe. If I want really to master the universe, how much am I able to master my own emotions? And master them doesn't mean right away being mind over matter my emotions change and my reality changes, no. Sometimes I'll be in that space That the knob of the mind is going right and there's no change in the knob of the emotion. But if you hold onto it enough, sometimes a minute, sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes a month Sometimes you have an issue, you have to hold onto it a year. But when you actually break it, the change you created in your life will stay forever. The emotional blockage that you had in your life will be gone for ever in that particular area and you change your movie and destiny. Instead of just fixing the emotion and issue for the second. So, we spoke today about 3 areas of miracles. Miracles in general, the first thing we need is the belief system that's already here, that's number one. Number 2, in order to create miracles, I need to go beyond nature, beyond my physical nature. There's no other way, and that's what life is about. And that's the ultimate goal. And we spoke about three areas. In the area of excitement, inject excitement, proactive excitement, not reactive excitement. Injecting to every one of my actions not doing positive things. Without waiting for the reward, as if the reward already came. And when I'm truly excited, I'm totally present, I totally care because when I'm not excited I'm anticipating the result, the reward, that's why people are not excited "Why are they not excited to meet me?" because part of their head is elsewhere. They're thinking about the other more important meeting. Or the things that bother them during the day. If I'm totally excited with somebody, it's because I'm totally there! I'm totally present, as if I already got all the rewards, all the blessings there's no future. Excitement was one. The second thing we spoke about: thinking big. Being spiritual is not thinking small and modest. And, "I'm just a little guy" Thinking big without the ego. I want to reduce the ego, but at the same time thinking big, expansion. That's what it's about. For example Passover that's coming soon this year, April 12th. What is Passover all about? I would like to diminish my ego to zero for the sake of accomplishing huge things. It is about thinking big. The idea of, "you know what? I'm just a nice guy. God, you know what's good for me. Please take over. I'll trust you. " God want's to give us everything. How much of God do we want? That's the question. The third thing is the whole concept of mind over matter. In that specific connotation we spoke about thoughts over emotions. The thoughts and the subconscious messaging we all have in our head, causing all our problems, causing all our emotions. We need to change the messaging, the messaging from childhood, from past lifetime That I can't do it, I'm too small, that I'm too limited. That it's impossible, that others are better We all have them, that I'm not loved, not deserved. We all have them. And as a result it affects our emotions and we are here to change our thoughts! To think like God, big, unlimited, positive, certain, huge. Brian catches himself not charging enough which relating to the concept of thinking small and undeserving, OK? In jobs that he does for his clients. And in the moment, it's so difficult and only later on, after making the mistake of not charging enough and not appreciating the work. Only then Brian is waking up to realise, you know I should have charged more. What else can I do now about it? It's always too late. So how do you think bigger and change that belief system of not deserving, that's what you're actually asking. And being able to really, when you come to the test the next time, you'll be able to handle it. And not just after the fact when you realise you made a mistake. So, the key is like this, there is no question we're talking about limited belief systems There're no question that you understand that by you not charging more, you are giving less to your clients. Because you are less appreciated the energy that you're producing. So, you need to understand by charging more, you're not just receiving more by charging more, you're giving more to your clients. Because when you appreciate your job more, they're getting more energy from your job. In this particular case, not in every case, but in your particular case, that is the situation. So, one thing is to understand it intellectually. Another thing, that I would suggest, that's what the Zohar we're using. Whenever a person scans the Zohar, what is he really doing? Actually, the moment we scan the Zohar, we are disconnecting from the old limited patterns that we all have and in that moment, I can infuse new thought patterns and new believe systems in my head and in my consciousness. I can truly inject, "I am deserving". I am doing a favor to other people by charging more. I am going to do it when the next opportunity comes. Please, the Light, help me to make the shift in the DNA. And, of course by you're thinking that having more, I can give more is understanding that asking for more is not receiving, it's giving. You have some issue with guilt about receiving, because you don't perceive that receiving is actually giving. But if you know that receiving is giving, you'll have no guilt about it. So it's actually changing that consciousness and knowing that receiving is also giving. That you're doing them a favor. It's transforming from thinking that you're a receiver to think that you're a giver. And with the help of the Zohar, you can inject and infuse that consciousness. Not just when you have the problem, every night, when things are smooth. That's called the proactive tikkun. You don't wait for the tikkun to come your way. Whenever, it can be the authorities which has the power in the majority. Manipulative and negative and protecting manipulative people, which it doesn't seem to be that I have the power to do anything about it. And it's just very destructive and hopeless, and if legally, one can do something about it of course, it will be recommended it to a degree, but we're talking about situations that we don't see that maybe something can be done in a 1% physical level. So, here we need to get to the basic idea. Actually, chaos is a force of darkness. Chaos is force of darkness. And chaos cannot be manipulated and suppressed and cut and destroyed. Chaos can be converted and the only way to do it is with the help of the Light of God. So, in that particular chaos situation, in that particular difficult scenario, You know, how do we get rid of that negative people? I'll try to do everything legally but it doesn't work, what can I do? So evil, so negative, harming other people, what can be done about it? And of course, in a 1%, I need to do whatever in my power to stop it if it's possible. But at the same time knowing: that this is not about those people, it's energy of chaos. It's energy of chaos. That manifests itself through those evil people and through those authorities. So, what can I do now to diffuse the energy of chaos? What can I do now to eliminate that cloud of chaos, because it appears to people it's actually a cloud of negativity. That is in my life or in my surrounding or in my city for a reason. What can I do about it? So, again, if I'm taking the Zohar and my purpose is not to destroy and to kill those bad guys. My purpose is simply to remove that force of chaos that me and many other people responsible to create, that's the reason we allowed such a negative situation. That can be one way. If I can do it in the midst of my aggravation and suffering, I can consciously try to help others to change their ways. As the Zohar is saying, when you're able to help one person to transform his ways, not as a preacher, as a leader, as a role model, to ignite him to know what life is about, to change their ways and I'm not talking about going and attacking the negative people there's no way for them to change, you probably think. Others, in the city, in the town, that I can awaken their soul. If I can do things about it, their transformation removes so much chaos from so many other people. And, again, of course, all of us, when we face such a test will feel hopeless, victim and feeling so horrible towards those people which are the channels to manifest the bad and the good. But, we need to understand and to remind our self that if I would like there are two channels in this world. Channel of chaos and channel of Light. Two frequencies. The only way I can shift to the channel of light and turn the situation around and allow a miracle to happen. Only if I'm staying away from a victim consciousness. I might need to fight them in court. But it doesn't mean that I need to be in a victim consciousness that believes that because of them, they are destroying my life. Because, it doesn't help any group of people. I might need to fight for my right but without the victim. Without the blame, without the feeling that because of them, I'm destroyed. And that's so essential. So, the key is what action can I do to shift my consciousness from the channel of chaos to the channel of Light? Blame doesn't help, selfishness doesn't help, victim doesn't help, want to kill those guys doesn't help and even though we want to do it, that's our natural tendency, but that's going to add chaos. Even thinking in that direction. And I know it's almost impossible, but it's in my movie, so I can do something about it. And it's all about how excited I am about the principal that your friend heard for so long. The fact of "Yeah, you're right, I heard about it" but I'm excited about my opportunity to shift universe through the Zohar, through giving, through belief that it's my opportunity here. And, if it's necessary, Kabbalah would say, and if it's possible, of course legally, in the 1% we need to do something as well. How can we tap into the energy of today and how are we more aware of other cosmic opportunities? So, you probably heard from your Student Support teacher about the energy of the day and I would like to inform everybody, today is considered to be the full moon of the month of Aquarius. Which, is known as the holidays for the new year of the trees, Kabbalistically. Which is the 15th day of the month of Aquarius in the lunar calendar. Now, what's special about the trees and why are we celebrating and what are we trying to tap into? What's unique about the trees, that the trees growing against gravity. The trees are so necessary to our planet. From the chlorophyll that they are producing to the oxygen that they're helping us to the balance in this planet. They are Kabbalistically known as the force that channel the central column energy. Central column is the part that goes against gravity. So, actually today, each one of us, has the power to access that energy of the tree. Just by thinking about it and maybe eating some fruits also. And that's the ability to restrict our natural tendency and go against it. That's one thing. Imagine today I can receive infusion of energy to be able to restrict more that ever. And to carry that energy within me Another thing we are receiving today, what's so special about trees? You see trees surviving major winds and hurricanes in spite of the fact they are bending and affected during the actual wind later on they go back to be straight. As Karen and Rav Berg said yesterday in an event that we had, saying that's the power of the trees that we need to learn. The ability to bend our ego, unfortunately, sometimes we're so destroyed by situations and by difficulties, because our ego is standing straight. I'm not going to bend. I'm not going to change, I'm not going to be flexible. I'm not going to compromise, I'm still believing in my way! And when things don't happen my way, I need to ask myself a question. What can I bend and change? And that's a quality that the trees have. That allows them to be so meaningful and so powerful and so needed in our planet. And the more the energy of the tree we have, the more of that balance in our own life we have. So, I would like to thank everybody for Power of Kabbalah Two and being such a great audience.

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