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Using Food as Medicine for Healthy Conception_HHC July18

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>> Welcome back. This talk goes into six things to avoid and six things to include in your client's preconception diet. In his book, Diet for a new America, John Robbin says, "You will discover that your health, happiness, and the future of life on earth are rarely so much in your hands as when you sit down to eat." If you can communicate this point to your clients, I bet they'll be willing to change. Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells. These cells are constantly dividing and making new cells daily. The food that we eat is highly responsible for the quality of these new cells, so we literally are what we eat. And this is excellent news because it means we have a say in what we are made of. Not only that, but the baby eats what the mother eats too. This phenomenon is called fetal programming. It means that the mother's nutritional status can alter her baby's genes. What a woman eats while she is pregnant has the ability to affect fetal development, the baby's DNA, and their long-term health in their adult life, either increasing or decreasing the risk of chronic disease as an adult. This is another reason why it's crucially important to establish an excellent diet in the 90-day preconception period to give baby those positive fetal imprint possible because let's face it, it's a whole lot harder to develop a healthier lifestyle once the pregnancy hormones start coursing through our system and those cravings start to kick in. One of your jobs as a Health Coach is to teach your clients that not only are we eating more processed foods than ever but the raw material from which those processed foods are made of have to graded exponentially, making it of the utmost importance to truly understand quality food, what that is and how to seek it out as often as possible. This is why we are going to talk about the top six things to avoid for a preconception detox, as well as a recipe for a super baby with foods that heal, strengthen, nourish, and protect. Top six things to avoid are, number one, caffeine. No one sustains an adrenaline rush well. And we all do love our coffee, but it has to be in moderation, and if you can't, let them give it up, then they have to have it with breakfast to keep their hormones balanced. Definitely no coffee alone, try to start to cut it back because we want to heal and nourish those adrenal glands. When we consume too much caffeine, we are leaching minerals and we are thinning the lining of our gut, instead we should see the adrenals with protein and fat within one hour of waking, and then IIN is all about upgrading so give them coffee alternatives like the Dandy Blend or all these different types of herbal coffees that are helpful and supportive to the body and they still give them that bold, rich, ceremonial cup of something in the morning without the negative interaction in the body. What do you think number two is? Sugar. This is coming from a former caffeine and sugar junkie by the way. Sugar is so highly addictive. And what qualifies something as addictive is number one, having just a little bit creates a desire for more, and number two, suddenly taking it away causes withdraw symptoms. So we have to get this sugar out, especially high-fructose corn syrup which is in everything these days. High-fructose corn syrup absorbs more rapidly, and it doesn't trigger insulin secretion or leptin production so appetite doesn't get regulated. And high-fructose corn syrup has to be processed through the liver. I started having all of these children coming to me in private practice with fatty liver, that's a disease formally only alcoholics would get, and I blame high-fructose corn syrup for that. Focus instead on low glycemic natural sweeteners, focus on your coconut palm sugar, the stevia, get monk fruit in their diet, have them drink more water, as they reduce caffeine, they will also reduce their sugar cravings. You know, these are IIN principles. Have them eat sweet vegetables and fruit, get more sleep, move, evaluate the animal protein quantity they are consuming, and increase their healthy fats, and all of that will help let them go off sugar gracefully. Number three is alcohol. We have to extremely moderate alcohol or if you can, have them eliminate it completely 90 days prior to conception because alcohol leaches minerals and it leaches B vitamins which are so important to hormonal balance. It also damages the liver which we know and it prevents the liver from eliminating excess estrogen, and we have to eliminate excess estrogen for hormonal balance. As if that weren't enough, we are also killing our good gut bacteria or messing with our sleep by suppressing GABA levels, so clients who are over age 35 who have tried for several months unsuccessfully to conceive, they should just quit alcohol cold turkey. Number four is soy, really controversial topic. The unfermented part of the soybean is toxic, and it is the most genetically modified crop that we have in the US. It causes digestive distress, and it impairs the thyroid function by preventing it from absorbing iodine. Once you eat non-fermented soy, you can lower your thyroid function by up to 7% after one serving. I want to tell you the story of several clients, I grouped them all together, they would come to me with trouble conceiving and they say, "I don't know what's wrong, and I eat healthy, and I've been drinking soy milk every day for seven years." And we had to rebuild their thyroid, get them off the soy milk, get them off the unfermented, the tofu, get them off of all that, the only acceptable forms of soy are tempeh, tamari, and miso, those are fermented forms of soy. Teach your clients to ask about oils, especially when they're eating out because soybean oil is proliferating so many things. Have them take an inventory at home and throw away everything that has soybean oil in it. Number five is gluten. We hear a lot about gluten, and what's happened is we've had the scientific engineering and the hybridization of wheat that has turned it into an addictive damaging food to both the gut and the brain. Far and away, it's the most common food sensitivity and another one that lowers thyroid function that prevents fertility and causes immune problems. Studies now show that it can be a driver of autoimmunity, that's confirmed, one in seven Americans are sensitive when they're blood tested. And there's so many amazing, actually healthy, gluten-free products out there that you can upgrade your clients to so they never miss it. My personal favorite are all the cassava products, I love them. It's a great way to get resistant starch. Okay, number six, it's not actually a food, but it's toxic personal care products we need to get out of our lives. With fertility as a goal, our biggest worry is estrogen, for the guys too. Like every hormone naturally produced by the body, estrogen's a vital chemical messenger that transports signal from one cell to another. However, a group of chemicals called xenoestrogens that are present in conventional bath and body products, they mimic the effects of estrogen, and they interfere with normal hormone function. Research shows they're linked to higher rates of breast cancer and can also contribute to endometriosis, early puberty, infertility, and miscarriages, and then they contribute to decreased sperm count, and prostate and testicular cancer. The beauty industry is not yet regulated the way it should be, so it's up to you to give them a list of these chemicals so that they can clean out their bathroom and start to get healthier. You're going to look for things like parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, DEA or diethylamine, propylene glycol, phthalates, the list goes on. Now that we talked about what we shouldn't do, let's shift our focus to what we can do with the top six fertility superfoods that make up a fertility goddesses diet. To create a super baby, we have to add in foods that heal, strengthen, nourish, and protect. Number one, top quality grass-fed organic raw cow or goat's milk. This is highly controversial. Dairy is very controversial, but when you are not sensitive to dairy and if you can find an incredibly high quality grass-fed grass-finished raw milk where you can know and trust that they're testing the microbial count of their cows that it's safe, this is truly the perfect food for the hormones, for the thyroid and the adrenals, as the perfect macronutrient profile in it of 25% fat, 25% protein, and 50% carbs. And it also has peptides in it that will help us sleep. Ninety percent of our cells are bacterial, and pasteurization isn't always a good thing. There of course is always the risk of listeria, but the listeria potential is 12 in 100,000, so if you know and you trust the source, then you can consume really high quality organic raw milk. Benefits, improved asthma, digestion, the bioavailability of vitamins and minerals, and they deliver essential fats for self-protection. Number two, bone broth is super trendy right now, and for good reason because it's this magical healing elixir for both client and baby if it's good quality. Quality is everything when it comes to bone broth, it must be organic from pasture-raised cows or pastured-chickens, it's really important you're consuming the quality of the bones. And you also must have purified water, and it should be slow cooked, the slower it's cooked, the more beneficial it is for gut healing and digestion, and the more you are getting those macrominerals that you need so much like calcium, magnesium, potassium, sulfur. It's also giving you collagen for skin formation. You're getting plenty of protein. It's helpful for joint and immune health, and it's going to help balance your client's hormones and adrenals 30% to 50% faster, so have them drink their bone broth like a tea. Also, as a Health Coach, number three, you've got to get those leafy greens in their diet. You know as well as I do that they are still the food most missing in the modern American diet, and the easiest way to consume the most micronutrients at one time. Our leafy greens are natural body cleansers, they're improving circulation, blood purification, liver and gall bladder health. What a great way to get our vitamin K that helps protect our bones and prevents inflammatory diseases. The rule of thumb is two servings a day without fail, put it on their session notes and give it to them as homework. Talk to them about what sounds good and doable so that they actually can accomplish this. Number four, healthy fats and oils. I've included a handout in this module for you. Truly, we make or break our health with the quality of the fats and oils we consume. We must, must, must, must get the GMO oils out like soy and canola but again means asking about the oil when you're going out to eat. Replace them with healthier fats like coconut oil and avocado oil, grass-fed butter, ghee, olive oil, duck fat. These are excellent nutrient powerhouses to improve fertility and conception odds, as well as to help baby's brain fully develop. Get them to put one full tablespoon of coconut oil and one full tablespoon of ghee into their diet any way you want every single day. They can ingest it straight or on a gluten-free tortilla, blend it in their soup or smoothie, stir it into hot tea, or my personal favorite, you can put both of them in golden milk. Let's not forget while fatty fish, we talk about fats because our dose of omega-3 fatty acids is very important to reduce whole body inflammation and they're essential for implantation, again, fetal development, and the prevention of miscarriage. Make absolute certain your salmon is wild because farm-raised fish, especially salmon can now be GMO, and they have industrial chemical toxins in them, farmed-fish called PCBs. PCBs have a half life of 10 to 15 years they stay in the body. Number five, pasture-raised meat and eggs, as well as wild fish, which we just talked about. We now know that saturated fat is crucial for cardiovascular health because it reduces the levels of a substance called lipoprotein(a) that correlates with a strong risk of heart disease. Saturated fat is also required for mineral absorption, and they provide the raw materials for both the brain and the nervous system to function optimally. Now when the liver is given the right amount of saturated fat, it goes and it makes cholesterol out of that fat, the good cholesterol, a necessary life-giving molecule. From that good cholesterol the liver produces, the body can then go and make its own estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone that it needs for hormonal balance. So stress high quality animal fats and explain to your clients what pasture-raised actually means, and that this is a totally different food group than the antibiotic hormone-laden GMO "conventional meat". There are lots of places to get it online now, shipped right to your door, so price and availability become much less of a factor. Number six, thyroid-boosting foods. Since the thyroid is such a key player in hormonal balance, we've got to show it some love by giving it nutrients to support it. Like we talked about above, we eliminate gluten, we add in the good fats and bone broth, and then we do a wonderful service to our thyroid with those foods. But there are also five other key nutrients that the thyroid needs, especially when trying to conceive a child. Number one is iodine. Foods rich in iodine help the thyroid make the hormones it needs to regulate metabolism, so on your client's grocery list have them add artichokes, kelp, onions, and pineapples. Next is selenium. That is a very common deficiency linked with low thyroid function because what iodine helps us make our thyroid hormones, selenium helps us maintain that production. So this is where those pastured-eggs come in along with wild shellfish, and then the mushrooms, maitake mushroom, shitake, and cremini mushrooms. You can also get selenium from garlic, sunflower seeds, and Brazil nuts, so give them recipes that include these foods. Number three, essential fatty acids. Remember they're essential for implantation and they play a key role in thyroid health, so stock up on the fish oil, leafy greens, flaxseeds, and chia seeds in addition to the wild salmon. And then as Health Coaches, is there anyone who doesn't love all things coconut. Number four, coconut butter and coconut oil. As a Health Coach, I know you love coconut just as much as I do. It's a raw saturated fat, and that fat is quickly converted into energy and it feeds the thyroid right away, helps to regulate thyroid function. Number five is copper and iron, and I have them together as a team just like selenium and iodine are a team. Having enough iron will help your body manufacture thyroid hormones. One study found that 15.7% of women are iron deficient. Now when you can refill your iron, copper then helps the hypothalamus, which is a master gland in the brain to regulate the thyroid more effectively so they work together. In August 2010 study with pregnant rats revealed copper deficient mothers, gave birth to rats that produce 48% less T3, the thyroid hormone responsible for making energy. Foods rich in iron and copper include clams, leafy greens, organ meats if you can stomach them, if you can't, you can give them a high quality supplement, raw cashews, and red meat. One caveat is with a copper IUD. If your client has been using a copper IUD for birth control, it's also called the ParaGard, then they will actually need to detoxify from copper before getting pregnant 'cause this can really throw your mineral balance off and you can chelate it out with something like chlorella. Okay, so we talked about the food that we eat, superfoods for conception, but now there's two primary foods we need to get for healthy conception, and those two primary foods are love and conscious conception. Let's not forget when it comes down to it, having a baby should be all about love, so encourage your clients to take a step back to focus on love. The feeling of love they have for their partner and the unconditional love they will experience for their child, this will remind them that this journey is about so much more than lab tests, diet changes, and supplements but it's about the expansion of love not only within then but within the world. Encourage them to also think about conceiving in a conscious way. What will it take to slow their lives down to truly make space for a baby? Have them establish thoughtful intention about creating a child because it can be just as important as celebrating other milestones in life like weddings or bar mitzvahs. Willow, my co-author in our fertility book recommends creating a conscious event around the decision to conceive. It could be as simple as a candlelight dinner when either partners dream about what their little girl or boy would look like. The specifics don't matter as much as the act of preparing yourself to welcome a child into the world and to become parents. She suggests taking time out of life to truly see each other, to create personal connection and a powerful joint connection, that can be eye gazing, a heart-to-heart meditation, whatever it is that makes you feel truly and deeply connected and in sync. I've so enjoyed talking about this with all of you. I hope it was helpful and I'll see you in the next lecture.

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