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Gandhi comes back from AfterLife/Death, teach you:Practical Self-Honesty

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Practical Self Honesty - Mahatma Ghandi This is Mahatma Ghandi and, I am speaking about, practical self, 'honesty' Firstly, I found that self-honesty, is an experience of self-gratefulness, and an experience of a 'starting point', for the process, for the self-process, to self-realization therefore, the starting point, of self-honesty the staring- point, foundation, that is able to be placed, as self, is to be honest with 'self' in one's current moment, of self-expression the first question, is to ask: Who am I, in this moment? who am I 'here'? I suggest to take a, piece of paper write down, at the top, 'who am I, in this moment' Now this question, entails the following: Firstly, How would I, define myself? meaning, am I, emotional? where 'in my world', am I emotional? do I have, anger? where in my world do I react in anger? where do I 'judge'? where do I compare? where do I resist? where do I 'fear'? It is a basic stringing out unweaving, an entire 'carpet' that has been woven to see what is 'string' of what you are, in this moment represents because 'clearly' this that has been 'woven' is not supporting, either you, or all, as 'one', as equal, in this world So by removing the strings of self-definition, of 'who I am now' You placed in words, the totality of your experience of yourself, in this world at the moment removing the strings slowly, placing in words - the reflection of yourself in this moment, in the experience, in this world self-honesty, here! is of great importance It, support you, in not creating false, 'illusions' alternate, dimensional reality 'shifts' in, perception of 'knowledge', of who you are so that you're "clearly" able to "see", on a piece of paper, only for you 'who you really are in this moment on earth', in the experience of yourself in this world That would be that 'starting point', the foundation of starting the process, of self-realization is starts with self-honesty, finding your 'allocation point', in this world because it is only from this allocation 'point' that you 'draw' a map, of yourself as the world, before you that you see the entirety and the totality of 'who you are' and while you participate to even forgive the shame, the guilt, the regret the sorrow, or even the anger, or self-judgment it may not be, 'a pretty picture' of words, that will be before you once you're done but know this, that it is from that self-honesty that you're able to walk, because then you see, where you are required to forgive and where you are able to correct that forgiveness, through practical application in finding a 'different method' of 'expressing' yourself, and thus correcting the inner-self so the inner-self, and the outer-self, is expressed - 'as one' the inner, awareness as the outer expression - the image and likeness 'as one' be honest, of your relationships in your world where are ties? where are bindings? where are limits? where are bounds? where have values been placed? where have worths been placed? where has emotions and feelings been placed? everything 'Here' before you that must be, a completeness, of you, before you, in this moment and also realize, that this is what you are 'in this very moment' but it is not 'who you are' that who you are, will be 'discovered', will be 'realized' as that which you see now before you as what you have written down as who you are 'in the moment' is, forgiven, and apply, correctively Thank you very much. this is Mahatma Gandhi and that is the 'first point' of, self-honesty as the foundation of yourself, to start this process and be honest, that is the greatest gift you're able to give yourself - is self-honesty that will 'support you', in this process, of self-realization Thank you. Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: Peter Tosh, Aids, Bob Hope CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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