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In this tutorial I will show you how to search for articles in an article database. I'm going to be using a multidisciplinary database called Academic Search Premier, but many of the features I will be demonstrating are found in all article databases. When you are searching in an article database you will get the best results by combining concepts with "And" So here I am going to put each concept I am looking for in its own search box. And then I'll click on search. So I've got 205 results here, but before we look at those I wanna draw your attention to the limits on the left side of the screen. Most article databases have advanced search features like these that can help you find exactly what you're looking for. I'll select a few, and that will bring me down to 73 results. Now looking at my results, if I click on the title of an article I'll find more information about it. Including subject terms, which are super useful for finding articles on similar topics, and also an abstract for the article. Another useful feature you will find in many databases are tools like these that make researching easier. For example, you can use the "cite" tool to get a formatted citation that you can then copy and paste into your bibliography. Or you can use the export tool to send that information to a citation manager. Now, if I decided I wanted to read this article I need to look for something that says Full Text. In this database it is on the left, but in other databases it might be in a different location. This link will bring me directly to the article. If there is not a link to the full text you'll wanna look for this Find It button. Find It searches all of the UW Libraries' databases to see if the article is available elsewhere. If the full text is available you will see the option to "Get Full Text Online". If it is not available online you can see if we have a print copy of the journal in one of our libraries. Or you can "Request a Copy" of the article through interlibrary loan. When searching for an article in an article database remember to combine your concepts with and Look for advanced search features and tools to make researching easier And use the Find It button to locate the full text of an article.

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