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Jamila Jad - Beirut, Lebanon - Arabic (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~11:30:19 - 11:45:03

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Ghada! Look, look how it changed. Ala'a! Bahija! Ala'a! Bahija! Ala'a! Look, sir. Me, sir. Sarah! What? Hurry up! Let's go. My name... Bye-bye. Have you finished? Have you finished? Film us. Jamila! Jamila! Enough, enough, enough. Get away from him, get away from him. -Sir, film me, film me. -Sir, film her. Hey, my girl! Sir, film us. Sir, film me. -Come on, carry me. -Ok, but you're not going to do anything to me, right? Sir, film us. Stop! I don't want to anymore. Don't film. -Should I carry you? -One at a time. Enough! Sir, film us. Go, go! Spin me around. Spin me around. Me, me! I'm tired. Enough. I'll carry you this way. I am tired. Enough. That's enough, kids. Sir, film us. Sir, film us. Sir, film me by myself. I don't like others to be filmed with. I want to be filmed alone. Film me. One, two, three... One. What is you name? -You're full of yourself. -No, you're full of yourself. Let's go to the roof. Fatima! Let's go Ala'a. Let him come hit you. Let' s go to the roof, Ala'a. Ala'a! Ala'a! You and I. You and I, ok? Abeer! -Let's go up to the roof. -I told you I can't promise because we're busy. -We are just going to get a drink. -But I can't promise. One, two, three... Let's go. One... One, two, three, four... Oh! God is Great! I'll help you. Wafa'! Give me the board. Wafa'! Abir, Farouq, and Lina... Wafa'... Who is the strong man... ...who is going to go downstairs and get Lina and Farouq? Miss! Miss! Miss! Me! Me! Me! I'll go. Everyone get up and stay with their group. Put away the can. Whoever has a bag, put it in the cupboard. Let's go, groups 7 and 8. Groups 7 and 8 in their lines. Nine and 10 in their lines. Ten... Eleven and 12 in their lines. Put them there in the cupboard. Put them in the cupboard. Hurry up, Aya. Please, everyone with their group. Stand there. Let' s go. Let' s go. Let's go. No talking. Ok? Let's go, hurry up. Can you stand? Let's go, kids. Stand here. Which group? Okay, nine and ten here. Which group? Here. Eleven and 12 are over there. Put the bag of chips in the cupboard. Fatima, we have to stand in line. Ok, ok, ok. Move back a bit. Ok? Ok? Aren't we all in the same line? Wasn't I before her, Miss? Why is it like that? If she stands instead of you, I don't mind. But tall people should be in the back, please. Come here. Ok. Then, who's next? Come on. We're thirsty. Let's go, everybody in line. What about this group? There are 12 people in that group. Scouts don't get tired. How should a scout be? He should be strong. What is he like? -Strong. -Strong, of course! Let's go. Let's go, sleepyheads. Let's wake up. Are you going to perform for us at the end of Ramadan? It's... ...Open House. Open House. It was yesterday, at the school. We are going to play... the Open House. God willing. No, at the school, over there. Miss, can we hear... I didn't see you when I went over to your place. Let's hear it. Fatima! Come on, sweetheart. Don't play. Come on. Last time, we learned that the strong man's motto is... Miss, I didn't learn the motto... Whoever knows will say it so that you can learn it. The motto, the motto, what is it? To exert himself. To exert himself. So if I say I am a strong man... -What the strong man always do? What do you answer? -He exerts himself. If I ask what the scout always does, what do you answer? -He exerts himself. -Why? Because this is scout's motto. Because the scout is ready for anything. And what does the strong man always do? He exerts himself. What does that mean? How do we say it in dialect? Yes, tell us. He does everything he can possibly do. So... The scout is always...ready! Stand at the ready. Stand at the ready. How many times have we learned it? Our feet should be in the shape of a seven. We don't move. Don't move, don't move. Didn't I tell you I was putting them on the chair outside? -He told me it wasn't there. He said you took them. -I didn't take them. I left them on the chair outside. Ok, sit down. At ease. The scout is always... -The scout is always? -Ready. -The strong man always...-Exerts himself. Attention. We don't have to stomp with our feet. Since we aren't wearing scarves, we'll do this... Because we aren't wearing scarves. If we were wearing scarves, we would do like so. With the right hand. Let's go. We are going to say... ...the anthem. With the right hand. The right hand. The hand we write with. The hand we eat with. The right. Not this one. This one. Which hand do you eat with? With this one. So, like this. Here we go. What are we all going to say together? The strong man's promise, do you still remember it? -Yes. -Let's start. One, two, three. On my honor, I will try my hardest... do my duty... God and to the nation and I will act... ...according to the law of the strong man... ...and to do good every day. At ease. Scout's promise: One, two, three. I swear on my honor that I will try my hardest... do my duty to God and to the nation... ...and to help people in at any time... ...and to act according to the scout's law. Ok. Here we go. We are going to sing the national anthem. And we will repeat: the strong man always... Exerting himself. -The scout is always? -Ready. Attention. Take this. What, you don't believe me? Here we go. We're going to say "Fida'i" (Self-Sacrificing Fighter). Have you learned the anthem by heart? Yes. -Let's start. What? Are you tired? -The scout doesn't get tired. That's right. Salute, but don't stomp your feet. Here we go. One, two, three. Oh Fida'i, Oh Fida'i, Oh Land...

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Lebanon
Language: Arabic
Producer: GLP- Lebanon
Director: Irene Herrera, Ron Carr
Views: 155
Posted by: glplebanon on Jun 30, 2009

Jamila at the center.

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