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Inc. Business Owners Council

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[♪ music ♪] [Inc. Business Owners Council] [] [Powered The Growth Of My Firm] [Phil Patrick - Owner, PharmaStrat] The Inc. Business Council was something that I turned to to learn more about powering the growth of the firm. [What My Job Is] [Trent Oliver - CEO, Blue Telescope] Business Owners Council has helped me figure out what it is that my job is. [Meet Others In My Shoes] [Vanessa Nornberg - Owner, Metal Mafia] Joining the Business Owners Council actually gave me the opportunity to meet other people that tackle some of the same issues that I tackle. [the idea] [Lewis Schiff - Executive Director of Inc. Business Owners Council ] The grand idea for the Business Owners Council was always a very simple idea, which is that the same energy, the same intelligence, the same passion that helped these business owners create these phenomenal businesses would help drive the development of a community where they were helping each other get to the next level. [♪ music ♪] [I Wasn't Into Networking] [Now I'm A Huge Advocate] [Nornberg] I didn't really think that I needed any kind of network or needed any kind of peers to talk to. I know what I'm doing in my company, and I'm busy trying to do it every day. But in actuality, going to the Business Owners Council meetings and getting to meet with the experts as well as with other business owners was super useful to me because it's really lonely at the top when you're the one who is making all the decisions and having to be in charge of everything that happens at your company. [♪ music ♪] [Offers Me Mentoring & Coaching To Take It To The Next Level] [Patrick] We already had a certain level of success, and we were an Inc. 5000 winner already, but I really needed mentoring and coaching on really taking it to the next level, and I was looking for a peer group that could offer me those types of insights. [I Was Looking For A Peer Group That Could Offer Me Insights] So over time I know that I've got a group that I can continue to turn to for help with emerging business challenges and really take my growth forward. [♪ music ♪] [It Helped Me To Define A Clear Path] [Oliver] Aside from being in the trenches and doing day-to-day work to make sure we stay in business, what else? What's the higher level? Where are we headed? Where are we going? And how am I going to get there? And they've helped me define that. I had a little bit of a clue but now I have more of a clear path of how I'm supposed to do that. [Schiff] The needs of the members drive the entire organization, from each individual member to the entire community as a whole. [Oliver] I like to learn, and I find most business owners do like to learn. They are looking for new ways to do things. [Patrick] I think it's a bad idea to be a member if you want your business to stay the same or fail. But if you want to have growth, I can't imagine how you wouldn't join other people who are on the same path as you that you can learn from. [Inc. Business Owners Council] []

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Inc. Business Owners Council

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