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Ask an Expert : Neuroscience

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Posted by: amrogan on Sep 30, 2015

S1:E10 Divya Chander, Medicine and Neuroscience Faculty at Singularity University answers questions about Neuroscience. Some of the topics covered this week: game theory vs empathy, reverse engineering the brain and treating PTSD with LSD.

Divya Chander is a physician and neuroscientist who trained at Harvard, UCSD, and UCSF, and she is now on the faculty in the department of Anesthesia at Stanford University. She has been using the technology to study arousal switches in brains and dissecting the neural networks that support consciousness.  In the operating room, she applies EEG technology to understand what human brains look like when they lose and regain consciousness. Divya’s goal is to understand neural mechanisms of consciousness and eventually utilize this knowledge to develop improved algorithms to create better brain monitors.

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