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How do i control excitement? Sadhguru

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We can do that... if we just have you shot (Laughter) After that you will be cold and unexciting... (smiles)... Why do you want to control excitement? I want you to be in a state of excitement all the time... Your problem is... because see people have been telling you this.... if you are too happy... sadness will follow... humm you understand? they have been saying this traditionally... So you are laughing too much so tomorrow you will cry This observation has come Because... you are not functioning from your awareness you are cyclical... in your nature if you become too much laughing today tomorrow you'll cry because it keeps happening for people for many people... it's true... for a lot of people it is true It is from that context... you're saying... don't want excitement because excitement leads to trouble... isn't it? If you can be blissful and always in a state of excitement Is it not nice? I am always excited about everything (laughs) there is nothing that doesn't excite me! SEEKER:That's why I am asking question to you Swamiji That's what I am saying, why do you want to kill the excitement Now you must bring the necessary balance that excitement doesn't lead to disaster... isn't it? Excitement means life is happening more intensely isn't it? Always it must be happening at maximum intensity but now you must create the necessary balance so that your excitement doesn't lead to disastrous situations within you so.... ask for the right thing you need the necessary balance not to kill life because if you live life... something may happen If you live life... something may happen so the best thing is to fall dead That's the logic you are going right now... is that the answer ? NO.... If you live life... injury may happen.... tragedy may happen so best thing is fall dead right now so that nothing happens to you that's definitely 100% insurance but that's not the way... is it? You want to be alive Exuberantly alive and still maintain the balance You're half alive and you're peaceful... it doesn't mean anything You are exuberantly alive and still you are peaceful this is beautiful... this is fantastic or you are exuberant and once in a way you lose your balance... that's still okay with me... But you're dead... and peaceful... it doesn't mean anything to me... Nor does it mean any thing to life... isn't it? the idea of coming here is to live! ... isn't it? Is that so? The idea that we're existing here is to experience life as intensely and as deeply as it's possible... Everything that you're doing is only for that but because of your fear of disaster you're killing yourself and keeping yourself half alive that's not the answer... that's not a solution at all... so how not to be excited is not the question how not to make excitement in to a disaster you must earn the necessary balance within you everything that we are doing is only in that direction Are you a little more balanced than what you were five days ago? such a short period five - six days is not a big amount of time but are you a little more balanced? you just stick to the practice I am telling you in six months time look at the kind of balance you have within you You will stand apart in any group of people That kind of inner balance will be there definitely

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 A seeker asks Sadhguru how to control excitement. Sadhguru replies I want you to be in a state of excitement all the time. (TO19)

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