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J.Fresco, The Venus Project, 2009 London lecture-Part 2

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As Jacque said, donĀ“t be polite ask the hard hitting questions Whatever you fee is necessary. and unlike politicians he will probably answer them OK, so where are we going? This guy up there...yeah What is the difference between this society and any other society? Communism has social stratification Communism has banks and money Communism has armys and navys Communism has a government We have none of those things Communism is also interested in the labour class We are too, but we want to eliminate the labour as soon as possible and automate it using the best of science and technology They never really had a plan or a method Communism isn't radical enough for this age. It was great a couple of hundred years ago maybe... but it doesn't... it's too old fashioned a method based on opinions rather than technology. Socialism along with it too old fashioned and not enough detail of what to do about it socialists never came up with how transportation would be designed how schools would be designed how to change human values no detail so it was the beginning but it always became corrupt Socialism, communism became corrupt because it's subject to those things They also had elitism too to help the corruption If all the nations agree to your plan how do you see it being implemented? Well first we want to do a major motion picture as we talked, in terms of implementation (I mean, going back, before they all agree) We are going to do a major motion picture to show what life could be like in the future, show what we're missing because most people have no idea We look at it as, kind of,umm therapy for transition, social therapy for transition and we'd like people to walk out of that film and say "Well why don't we do this today?" At the end of the film, we'd like to show that we're breaking ground on the first city We'd like to build the first city, and in the first city we would have planners for the next city and people who are making all sorts of media books, videos, gaming everything to introduce this direction because it's really an educational problem at this time they have to understand it

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Posted by: muadib25 on Feb 1, 2010

The complete Venus Project London lecture Q&A.

The working location for the full lecture can be found at:

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