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kanashimi wa kitto

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Kanashimi Wa Kitto (My Sadness Will Surely...) lyric translation credit to If nothing else, I won’t throw away my heart Even if this is the end, nobody can take away my memories and hope I picture the warmth we felt when we joined hands No matter how hard things get, see, I’ll smile all the more One bad thing always makes me forget all the good things But I’m getting stronger little by little, and my love, my love... Even if a sadness so great that I can’t stand has chosen me If somebody must bear this fate Then I don’t want to be someone who spends their life avoiding it I know it’s painful, but I pray that I can smile tomorrow The paper string of fate goes around like a game When we’ve been dumped we just follow the path we’ve been given Sometimes we lose everything before our eyes, or it’s taken from us But nobody can take away the words you gave me On this night when love has gone, in a darkness so deep that I can’t see anything I’ll think of you before I go to sleep Tomorrow I’ll go and search for the clouds I looked at with you I know it’s impossible, but it’s so that I can make a little more progress than today Perhaps to something wonderful In these times when you can’t let every little thing get you down The good times are over right away and the hard times feel longer We spend our lives in a horrible relativity theory I look up at the sky and watch the broken clouds drifting slowly They’re like the person I was once, searching for your voice I’ve decided not to say goodbye, even if this is then end Even I myself cannot take away my hope and my heart When the day ends, before I go to sleep, I think “Will I be able to see you tomorrow?” I know it’s impossible, but nobody can take away The very centre of my heart where love lives So, so that I can greet tomorrow with a smile The fluffy broken clouds drift away with my depression Someone else is probably thinking “They’re like me...” about those same clouds Kanashimi wa Kitto - UVERworld

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Posted by: ritadbsj on Jan 18, 2010


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