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Dušan Lazić - Vojka, Serbia - Serbian (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~23:18:08 - 23:53:51

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- Are we done? - Done. - I'll open the door for him from inside and then we'll go. - We've continued to record. - I'll be the last one to leave the house. To lock away when everyone leaves. - Will there be some erotica? - We'll see (laughs). - Will there be...? - We'll see. - How do you say...the thing for recording? - OK, guys, let's go slowly. We'll talk about everything later. Thank you very much. - Dule! - Yes? - You could have made a deal, a bit of erotica... - For a foreign currency, ha? - It's a problem now. Don't be shy. - OK. We'll leave it all locked. - Did I take everything? My key is here. I'm so glad. - Me too. - Dule said it's been a hundred years since we saw each other. - I've asked him -- have you played with Pindzula lately. He said god knows when. Hey, thank you. We'll meet. - Will you come? - I'll come to your place for sure. - You'll take that DVD from Ljubinko. I want to see it. - OK. - And if necessary to burn it. - OK. I'll visit you for sure. Thank you very much. - Let's go slowly. - Look, you're not screwed, I am. - Yes, you payed for it. - Let's go slowly. - You got bitten by a snake. - I'll do it. Closing time. I'm turning off this too. That's it. Let's go there. Fine, fine. Watch your head there. (squeaking of the gate) (sound of locking the gate) Guys, thank you very much. We'll see each other around. (car doors slamming) (starting the engine) (horns) A moment. A moment. (slams the door) (dog barking) Aska, go home, go home. Go, Aska. Go, Aska. Go home, Aksa. Home! (slams the door) (slams the door) (closing the gate) (clears his throat) Come, Aska, come. - Hey, hi. Everything went well. (clears his throat) It was OK. We had a bit... we were singing like crazy. (wife speaking in the background) Yes, yes. I'm gonna... He'll come now too. He stayed with Mico and the others. (wife speaking in the background) Yes, yes. I'm going to the bathroom. (water running) (sighs) (sighs) I'm a bit exhausted. Let me sit there. Let me sit for a while. - You're not cold? - No, no. (TV in the background) (sighs) I don't know where Milos is. He didn't come by. Which one is it? How many are there left? - Three. - Who was there? There were... Ah, I'm so tired. It really spent me. Maybe coz... we haven't gathered for a long time. Pindzula was there, and Ceme. There was Nikica on the drums. There was... Bendzo. Yes. - Did Ljubinko come? - Precisely when we were... When I've had enough of everything. My throat was already getting dry. Then Ljubinko came. And so... - What did you play? - You know his songs, he has that little play list. We sang few songs together and that's it. - How did he come there? - I don't know who he came with. He came in with Mico Kocijasevic. (wife speaking incomprehensibly) - I don't have a clue. They stayed there for a bit longer, him and Mico. Here he is. Do you hear him? I really got tired, I swear. - That craftsman completely confused me today. He said he needs 15 sacks of cement. - Why does he need that much? - How much did you spend for the bridge? - Well, the bridge needed 40. - He says 15 sacks. - We'll see. - There has to be a limit. Do you realize how much cement that is? He said even that may not be enough. - I don't believe he'll need that much. I'll talk to him. I've really got tired, I swear. (sighs) - Did Bora's show pass? - Aha. - The time flew and it was already 11.30 pm. - That was short. (laughing) - Tell me about it. - One day just do nothing. - Someday... - This is probably Ljubinko. - Someday... Someday, we'll... What are we gonna do now? Are we gonna have some dinner? Some milk or tea or...? I don't really feel well. - You want me to warm you up some milk now? - Yes. - Do you want me to warm you up milk and honey. - That would be the best. Come on, Buka, go and warm it up. (coughs) Where is the remote? Aha. - Buka, there you are. - Hey, you arrived... - How was the Renault? - I don't know, I think it's still not quite good. Look, I'm saying that with reservations, I could judge only by the ride to the center and back. But, it's like it's still a bit... He said he changed some bowl too. - Yes, there are 4 bowls. - And it seems he installed all the spare parts he had. - Yes, since those bowls were left... - OK, if it was necessary. If it's just for him, then... - How much did he charge you? - 2.500. - That's not little. - Probably with that bowl... - How did you get here? - Hey, Ceme forgot his cell phone. - Where? - There. - Just give me the keys. - Ah, sure. - Where's Mina? - At home. - You were lucky then. Here, Ljubinko. So, this is from the entrance door. - This is for the entrance? - Yes. - Is there a sweater round here? It was so warm. - Take that. (talking in the background) (doors closing) - It's good. - Do you want something to drink? - Hot milk. - I'm warming it up. - My stomach hurts. - What's going on? I haven't heard the news. - I haven't either. Just saw a bit of Bora's show. My throat hurts, it really hurts. (turns on the volume on TV) (news on the victims of the earthquake in Italy) - Which program is that? - 'Kosava'. There's nothing... I'm waiting for the news. - Turn of that light. Turn it off. That's right. I left my glasses somewhere. Maybe I've left them there. I'm gonna call Ljubinko. Ah, no, they're here. Good. (wife talking in the background) - Yes, OK. Good. The weather will be nice. - Good for the bees. - Tomorrow I'm going to the bees. - Can you? - Well, the plan is to go to the bees in the morning. - Will they let you? - Yes. No, no, we're not going to Ogar, but to these in Vojka. (wife talking) - No, it's not. (sighs) - I really got tired. - It's midnight. - Aha. Buka, let's go to sleep. - Do you want a pajama? - Give it to me and I'm gonna go to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Just the down part, Buka. - Down part? Here's only the upper part. You know what, you have it up here. - OK, I'll take it. Ah, I've really exhausted myself. Tell me. I'll take just the down part. - That's the down part. - OK. Good. I'm going to brush my teeth and then we can go to bed. - I wanted to read something. (doors squeaking) (doors closing) (water running in the bathroom) (Dusan clears his throat) (Dusan coughs) (doors opening) - Buka, I'm going. (doors squeaking in the background) (talk in the background) (clears his throat and sighs)

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Duration: 35 minutes and 42 seconds
Country: Serbia
Language: Serbian
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Posted by: globallives.serbia on Jul 18, 2009

tape 05a, first 30 min

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