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iEARN 2011 18th International Conference and 15th Youth Summit

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Green Tech, Green Life, Great Era Taiwan has been known as Formosa , a beautiful island in East Asia. Situated in western Pacific Ocean, this 36,000 square kilometer island has amazing ecological diversity. 23 million residents on this island are mainly composed of aboriginals and Hans migrants. The national trait of Taiwanese is rooted in Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, which also contribute to Taiwanese culture. If you want to experience the food in Taiwan, the night market provides a good way to discover the delicacy. By the way, don’t forget the well-known Pearl Milk Tea! The climate and geographical environment enable the development of conventional industries in Taiwan to be prosperous and productive. Taiwan may be too small to be seen on the world map; however, the achievement in high-technology industry can hardly be ignored by the world. Located in the southwest of Taiwan, Kaohsiung City is the second largest city and the largest harbor city in Taiwan. With the convenience of Kaohsiung MRT system, it is easy to link its beauty of pass and present. Kaohsiung is such a dynamic city that you can’t miss it. Shopping, fashion-design, music and art are adding color to the city. Life in Kaohsiung is green and eco-friendly. The sustainable city allow citizens to be bathed in comfortable surroundings, to breathe and stretch freely, and to lead a healthy life. As to hospitality, Kaohsiung has held the World Games in 2009 embracing the athletes around the world, and proving its international vision to the world. In addition, Kaohsiung is the cradle of iEARN Taiwan. Established in 2001, iEARN Taiwan is now inviting you to celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2011. Meanwhile, it’s also a great honor of iEARN Taiwan to host the 18th Annual Conference and 15th Youth Summit of iEARN ! Therefore, teachers and students in Taiwan are looking forward for your arrival. Offering 20 professional conference rooms, wireless access, computer labs and luxurious rooms, Garden Villa is regarded as one of the top class convention centers in Taiwan. Youth Summit will be held in the biggest museum in Asia, National Science and Technology Museum, where students around the world will explore the mystery of science and environment issues together. So, what’re you waiting for... You must come to Taiwan. Because we’re passionate , powerful and special. We wish your coming! Taiwan love you! Welcome to Taiwan. You must come to Taiwan, because we have beautiful mountains and beautiful oceans. Welcome to Taiwan. iEARN 2011 in Taiwan! Welcome to Kaohsiung, we’re waiting for you! Welcome to Taiwan! Green Tech, Green Life, Great Era

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iEARN 2011 18th International Conference and 15th Youth Summit will be held on 17th~23rd ,July 2011.
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