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The Three C's

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Leadership Straight from Bill Hybels The 3 C's How do you think of yourself if you are a pastor? Some of you just got schizophrenic. You are thinking, "Well, wait a minute. Am I suppose to see myself primarily as a teacher? Am I suppose to see myself primarily as a leader? It is even worse than that. Three words in this circle: community, cause and corporation. For those of you who are pastors, when God tapped you on the shoulder and asked you to lead a church, you jumped in and realized that you have to preach sermons and lead a little bit. How do I view my job? Through what prism? Through what lens? Some pastors think, "What I want to do is shepherd people. I do not necessarily want to teach or lead them. I want to build a community of loving people." I hear this wherever I go. A pastor will say, "I have the most loving church." I say, "That is great. What do you do?" "We sit around and we love." I say, "Wow! What do you after that?" They say, "We even do more of it." I say, "So you are tight." They say, "We are unified. We tell each other we love each other. We are just like family." I say, "Great. That is part of what a pastor needs to do." One problem is the Bible says that you have to take this loving community of people and you have to apply them to some causes that will change the world. You are not a community unto yourself. The community needs to be mobilized to get some causes done. Which is why when Jesus was here, He would mold his disciples into this loving little group and say, "Now go feed the hungry. Now go clothe the naked. Now go stand in front of that judge and tell him that his pronouncements are evil and wrong. Now go out and do the work of evangelism." It is great that you are a community. It is just that you have to have that cause too. Now, here is what was very confusing to me shortly after I became a pastor. When you are a pastor at a local church, whether you like to admit it or not, you are the leader of a corporation. You have budgets, buildings, pay rolls, utilities. You have all of these corporate-like responsibilities. And you say, "I never went into church work to do this." Let me tell you, if you neglect this you will be out of church work. If you do not pay your bills, if you do not handle the corporate, the business side of the church responsibly, your church will lose its ability to be a church. Here is where this gets tricky. I call this "changing hats" or being sure what hat you are wearing. It is fine to put on your community hat and say, "Tonight, come to the church and we are going to have a share time. Then we are going to have a hug time. Then we are going to have an "I love you" time. Then we are going to have a prayer time. Tonight we are all putting our community hats on and it is all about community. Everyone come. Wear your community hat." But at some point, maybe next week, you have to say "Come to the church. Leave your community hat at home because we are going to put our cause hat on. We are going to pack some presents for prisoners. We are going to pack some school supplies for students who do not have supplies. We are going to make some meals for people who are hungry. We are going to bring clothes with us so that we can clothe children in our community who do not have proper clothing. So do not come thinking all we are going to do is hug and love each other tonight. Come with your cause hat on and we are going to get some stuff done. Sometimes you have to say, "We are not wearing either of these hats. We need a business meeting tonight. We have to talk about our budget. We have to talk about who is spending too much and who is not giving enough. We have to talk about a problem with our building. We have to figure out how we get into a building that lends itself better to the future of our church. This is not "come and hug each other" night. This is not "come and pack gifts for prisoners." This night is to come and wrestle with the legal, organizational, corporate, business, financial side of what it means to be a church.

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Posted by: landsm on Jul 11, 2014


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