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[Behind the Design:] [Artificial Intelligence] [Rahul Tikoo -VP & GM Commercial Specialty Products]: When people think about artificial intelligence, one of the first things that comes to mind is data centers. You don't require data centers for more than half of the artificial intelligence machine learning applications. [Mark Rehmann -Precision Product Planning & Portfolio Management]:And that's why part of the strategy is to be able to develop on a workstation locally[Precision 7920 Tower][ The world’s first AI enabled workstation1]and then port that up to the server or a cloud solution to be able to do a scaled out problem. Dell Precision workstations democratize the availability of AI for every user. [“We're putting together tools to make the path to a solution easier for customers” –Mark Rehmann]There are thousands of applications keeping up with drought conditions in the agriculture industry, getting the best yield out of those crops. In the manufacturing world,being able to automate how those products are processed based on component’s specific needs. And then you've got the medical field, which is probably the one to benefit the most from these technologies. [Marc Hammons -Principal CTO Software Architect]: Using Machine Learning,algorithms can look for early signs of disease like Macular Degeneration, allowing the doctor to prescribe some early treatment to avoid loss of vision. The current state of the art is roughly about 78 percent accuracy and diagnosis. A trained AI can actually do this job at about a 98 percent accuracy. [ Precision 7730 Mobile Workstation] [The world’s most powerful mobile workstation2] The workstation makes an excellent platform for doing these types of solutions. From the classical statistics [ Precision 5820 Tower] [ Develop AI and reasoning applications3] to more complex fluid dynamics problems, and now with Machine Learning and Deep Learning, it's one of the real platforms of innovation that Dell offers.[Saila Parthasarthy -AI Strategy Consultant]: Dell is in a unique position to either provide a solution themselves or give them the end to end infrastructure where our customers can then go off and innovate on their own. It will be a worldwide revolution. There are phenomenal changes on the horizon. [AI made real] Dell [1Precision 7920 Tower when equipped with Intel Xeon Scalable Processors, 3.0TB 2666MHz of memory and 3xNVIDIA GP100 graphics.] [2Based on Dell internal analysis of competitive workstation products as of February 2018] [3Precision 5820 Tower when equipped with Intel Xeon Processors, 256GB 2666MHz memory and 2xNVIDIA GP100 graphics]

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Posted by: ralph_jung on Jul 30, 2018


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