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Talking Shit 4- Meeting your Maker and How to Talk to YOUR ANGEL

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Desteni Presents: Meeting your maker - Bernard Have a look at Christians, it's fascinating because they are some of the 'best examples' in the world They fear all other religions! I mean Love thy neighbour like thyself! But if my neighbour is Muslim, he's in shit So now! you are disregarding the base laws of your, 'belief system' so you're invalidating your own existence, but you're still doing it you're "still" believing that you're standing up Why are you then believing? Why is a Christian a Christian? Not because of love because of 'fear', you are fearing your ass off what's going to happen "to you" for all the shit you've already done!? How all the lies you've told, to all the people you've hurt? and, "you hope" by, Jesus's forgiveness you would be clear from your apparent dishonest and your apparent inability to be, 'disciplined' and honoring Life So I've, some sad news here you know, we d- we did meet Jesus I mean, he's a real fucker "unfortunately" he doesn't always know that, I was not always certain until I met the fucker and, he's a normal being like everyone else A sad news to you: Your sins will not be washed away Synchronistically, which is a chronicle sin when sin is chronicous- is chronicle, it's sin-chronicity So, in synchronicity you will equal and 'one', 'become' - what you 'have done', to another I mean which is the law Jesus, 'explained' simply: huh? Don't do unto another what you don't want them "do it to you" which implies, in it's very nature what you do it to another "you will experience" So, that is 'synchronicity', that is equality and oneness is 'synchronicity' Be careful of synchronicity because, 'it traps you' which is actually you trapping yourself into your beliefs You trapping yourself equal and one to what you allow so therefore if you fear your neighbour I mean, what does that mean if your neighbour "fears" you? Eventually you're going to end up in war killing each other, destroying each other, deceiving each other 'hurting' each other But we don't notice as long as we have "money" obviously that is the nice thing - 'the best medicine' for not feeling shit in this world 'is money' because when you have money, you feel 'good' you can 'buy shit' as much as you like, I mean make sure you take the shit to heaven, because in heaven you have a little problem in heaven your problem is: you don't have "money anymore", you don't have "status" anymore you have nowhere to hide I mean, your first fucking meeting, in heaven and I mean, there when the shit hits the fan, the shit is the fan in heaven because the moment are fucking die, you meet 'Your maker', what is your maker? All your thoughts! so immediately the first thing you have to take care of and face, is all the thoughts you've ever had because from that, you have 'made' yourself, you meet your maker Obviously! you will have, those stupid enough to say: Oh! bullshit ah ~ come on you, you can't really be serious! No, I'm not serious I mean Sirius is a star somewhere it even gets hijacked here as a ship! but a Sirius star No I am not serious it's obvious "common sense", I mean you don't have to be fucking Einstein to work this one 'out' your thoughts, have a look, it's con- constructed, your belief system before you make 'a decision' you think about it you come to a conclusion, you decide 'how' to construct it - what you're going to believe you look at your personalities, it's all thought based look at your actions look at all the decisions you've "made", through out your Life everything you've done through out your Life is thought based So 'thought' is your maker and if you look at the 'sound' of the word 'thought' it sounds like 'God', your know that 'Thor'! in the old days but it's - thought and so the first thing you, do when you die is you meet your maker It's not, you don't meet "Jamaica" you meet your maker I mean, you'd probably wish it was from Jamaica on the beach but I mean, but it is - your maker And! All I suggest is that it's "possible" to meet your maker right now right this Life and actually have a look at how you, 'created yourself' and Stop blaming others for it and stop hoping that somebody's gonna save your ass from it And! for that you need a, a thing that nobody really wants, because apparently that makes you weak you need a thing called self-honesty you have to self-honest in what is going on in your thoughts Because if you "not" self honest in that, you're "fucked" in this Life I mean it's that simple you will 'never' become real you will 'never' be able to see what is real If you have to make up your 'mind' based on thoughts, about what is 'real' in creation, I mean isn't that already questionable? you are unable to even direct your thoughts, and you believe your thoughts to be That which tells you what is real? come on! How- your thoughts are stuck in your head what the fuck does it know about Pleaidians? 'Oh there is a voice in my head' That's a "serious" fucking thing I mean Telepathy! tell-me-a-path Is that apathy? No sorry Telepathy is a form of apathy isn't it? No! it's tell me a 'path' what is the apathy? "I don't want to take responsibility of my own thoughts" "Someone must tell me what it is, so I create - that entity" Communication with, 'other Aliens' channels, shit like that those shit is not real there's these people practice for years! to make it- through meditation, to do this shit properly In that time, they 'construct' the entity 'through thoughts' because they have all the good thoughts, all the time until the good thoughts, becomes a real being which is an entity, that 'speaks', I mean After all, your thoughts are your maker don't you think you can make other things as well? that possess you? That's how you make them, then it "speaks" to you Those that really do some research must go 'back', many years now with all the channels from aliens and from, 'angels' and shit like that - they All speak the same shit But they never give you a 'practical' solution on how to Live and you never change Your ways, and you never make a difference in this world to Live 'practically' for 'all' - right here right now it's all about "what will come one day" and believe those angels to be real and you will See Them! I mean you have created them, they're in your mind! You're "seeing" with your mind! you're not seeing with anything else It's going to speak to you! because I mean You listen to your thoughts and you even speak to yourself, in your mind I mean that's different personalities, speaking to each other so you'll say: I wonder what should I do? and then a thought will come up: Ah- Do this so you say: Ok here I'll do that. I mean What does that mean! there's more than one in you! Ho ho ho ho, ho ho 'spooky' you're pretty fucked, I mean, so that means when you "die" you're going to meet several of your maker, I mean not just one Oh I have 'five minds', twenty personalities and now I have to deal with all of that, to find that - Who the fuck am I!? For discussion visit: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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