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Week 8 How Pathlighters Can Contribute to Upcycling

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"How do you think you can help and contribute with regards to the theme 'Upcycling'?" Well, by basically taking old items and turning them into new items. Or you can make with a drum and then, lamp head and put it on top And then insert it with electricity I think "Any other examples?" Or maybe you can make like a hand strap with old socks And then you put your phone inside there and insert it with um.. those headphones. You may want to take recycled stuff and then upcycle them into new stuff I want to contribute a display rack "How are you going to do that?" Just take a box and cut out some pieces of cardboard Then stick them to the edges of the box to make a display rack. I can help to contribute by changing items into high quality.. From a low quality. For example, like Pathlight old t-shirts. Since you do not want to wear them, so teachers will decide to change them into bags where they can put the sweets inside for Sports Day. "Wow very good!" If pupils finish using a tissue box in their classrooms, They can take it and make it into a bus. Yes, they can cut out the squares and rectangles from the tissue box And put paper seats inside the bus. If you find a water bottle, then you can use it as a.. ...lamp. Upcycling.. I think we can actually make a bag out of all those potato chips bags And all those other food items You can make a bag and strengthen it with a bit of glue and strings So that we can make an eco-friendly bag :D Upcycling is very easy but sometimes it is very difficult. For example, if I wanted to make a Nespresso clock, made out of Nespresso, It is very easy. When I look at the pictures in the (Contact Time) PowerPoint, Maybe in the future, I may use recycling things like the balloon pump Or sometimes, I'll use the plastic bottle or milk carton to put the soil And I will put green beans and grow up a new plant That means I also need to do upcycling these days What's more, when I look at the poster, I saw an old Pathlight t-shirt Which means an old Pathlight PE t-shirt may turn into a new stylish Pathlight bag or.. A colourful toilet paper roll and coloured paper can turn into a colourful pencil holder like this So... Pathlighters, do your part in upcycling! This is your SG50 year So, please upcycle, please be ECO-HIP!

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Week 8 How Pathlighters Can Contribute to Upcycling

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