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High Road Mordern Monorail

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The high road rapid transit system using state-of-the-art technology together with them innovated beam shape offers community planners a powerful tool and urban planning. The high road beam shown here an end view securely lock vehicles on the east side of the beam The drive traction surfaces are vertically oriented and the seal did from extreme weather conditions such as snow and ice. Power supply to the vehicles is provided through[[unclear] bars which also are somewhat sealed from the weather. The interior of the concrete guide wave contains a hollow area more than adequate for data and other cablings. The high road system design uses single or double vehicles rather than lengthy trains. This is done so that stations will be smaller and easier to play the long round. This also provides greater surface to the end individual drivers, as the vehicles are provided an rapid succession or short headways should the demand for compassity be increased on the ground? The system compassity can expand to merely that of heavy rail system as the fraction of the cars. Here an expanded version of the station is shown offering petrol alert every fifteen seconds. The high road rapid transit system environmentally gentle electric operation, fiscally responsible operation without the need for subsidy, expandable to increase compassity at a later date, comprehensive at integrated link with two hundred miles broader cousin, the silver bowling, elevated and automated for reliable quick services, safety conscious compliance with the American with disability rights and line safety coach, lifestyle friendly, offering fast transport on your schedules. The high road rapid transit system uses a best option for the transit challenges of today.

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Duration: 3 minutes and 2 seconds
Country: Vietnam
Language: English
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Posted by: slug on Aug 9, 2010

The animated emulation of a high road monorail expound the crux of an out-of-the-box solution for transit system in developing countries in need of tackling uneasy gridlocks and traffic safety.

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