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Dark Secrets inside Bohemian Grove ( Alex Jones )

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Dark Secrets inside Bohemian Grove ( Alex Jones ) * Brian Kim * Hello, I'm Alex Jones and I'm a radio and television host based in Austin, Texas. And for many years I've been exposing the criminal activities of the global elite, also known as the New World Order. In my research I come, well...eye-to-eye with something that's even hard for me to believe. And that's that the elite, again, the so-called establishment kings, those that know best, the visions of the anointed ones, are obsessed with the occult, from presidents to governors to heads of industry. You see, for over a 120+ years in northern California in Sonoma County, on a 2,700 acre secluded redwood grove, leaders from around the world, prime ministers, chancellors, presidents, governors, again, the heads of industry, banking, academia, the media, Hollywood. Only a select few, a little over 2,000 people, travel there to engage in bizarre ancient Canaanite, Luciferian, Babylon mystery religion ceremonies. And I successfully infiltrated, through the Secret Service, through the guards, through the Sonoma County sheriff's department. We were inside for hours. That's only one day out of the two weeks that they meet there for the admitted summer fire festival of the Bohemian Club. I hope that our hidden cameras can give you at least a small piece of what I witnessed. and that these bizarre activities being engaged in have been going back to 1873 and are not some new fanciful whim of the trendies on the West coast. Presidents from Howard Taft to Herbert Hoover were on the membership roster. Not to mention, later, famous general Dwight D. Eisenhower, later to become president. The roster of the Bohemian Cub reads like a who's who of the elite. Look at this photo taken inside the Grove back in 1963. There you'll see Ronald Reagan and sitting two people over from him, later to become president, Richard Milhous Nixon. Bush Senior, documented member, and then of course there's his son. Now, the last four generations of Bushes have also attended the Skull and Bones society at Yale, well known to be steeped in the occult. Then there's Bill Clinton, a frequent attendee. Upon closer inspection, the entire federal government at the highest levels is infested with Bohemian Club members. And it doesn't stop there; America's private run for profit Federal Reserve Bank, from its very inception in 1913, has been run by prominent members of the Bohemian Club. Central bank chairman Alan Greenspan was seen leaving the Bohemian Grove only one month before he was appointed chairman of the Federal Reserve. He had to be a made man. You're looking at an illustration from a November 1989 issue of Spy Magazine, The writer's spin is obvious; "Sure, they're elitist, sure they have some bizarre rituals, but what's the big deal? They're just having fun." How ya doin' sir? I used to work there. Oh. I'm Alex Jones, I make documentaries. Uh, I'm just curious, uh, what do you think about Bohemian Grove? I used to work there. You used to work there? / Yeah. [Alex Jones] And now you work at Camp Meeker? No, I don't work, I live at Camp Meeker. Oh you live there? / Yeah. Well that's great. Ah, did you ever watch the Cremation of Care? No. What'd you do at the... I just-I just worked there. Yeah. But you never saw them march around in red robes? / No. No. Oh really? That doesn't go on? Okay, thanks. 번역 : 김 세 원 The long history of men enjoying themselves has even been written about in the gossip column of the San Francisco Chronicle, writing that a man on his own often gets invited back to the camp by gay Bohemians. Even 100-year-old annuls have admitted the homosexual activities. After escaping the sheriff's department, Mike and I traveled high into the hills to wait until dark for the Cremation of Care ceremony. first on, I want to draw your attention to the program that was given out to the spectators or the viewers. I guess an occultist would call them novices figure of a human body burning in the flames, in fact, I've shown it to people who are experts in anatomy, actual doctors, and they say that the anatomical size is that of a baby or small child. Notice how large the cranium is in comparison to the torso, that is, the ribs. Understand, ladies and gentlemen, this is from the program itself given out to the establishment lackeys witnessing the sinister activities. Remember, in Babylon and Tyre, they would throw their children into fiery pits. Look at the size of the hands compared to the rest of the body. Only children show these anatomical details. [email protected] 10 more minutes of music, suddenly, all around the owl, activity began. Here is the main central part of the ritual. 번역 : 김 세 원 ************* So shall Ye burn me once again this night. And, with the flames that eat thine effigy, we shall read the sign, midsummer sets us free! Ye shall burn me once again!? Not with these flames, which hither ye have brought from regions where I reign, ye fools and priests. I spit upon your fire! Oh owl! Prince of all mortal wisdom. Owl of Bohemia, we beseech thee, grant us they council. No fire, no fire, no fire. Let it be kindled in the world where Care is nourished a pure, eternal flame upon the alter of Bohemia Oh, great owl of Bohemia! We thank thee for they adoration! Be gone, dull Care! Fire shall have its will of thee! Be gone, dull Care and all the winds make merry with thy dust! Hail fellowships eternal flame! Once again, midsummer sets us free 번역 : 김 세 원 여러분, 또다시 검은 우상체가 카메라 쪽으로 나오고 있습니다 잘 보시면 인간 인형을 담은 장례용 관을 소각하고 있는데 실물일수도 있을 것 같군요, 여러분! 북 캘리포니아 지역에서 지금 괴상한 일이 계속 진행 중 입니다. 지금 벌어지는 이 의식은 미국 공화당이건 민주당이건 가리지 않은 채 모든 같은 집단이 되어 어울리는 군요. 여러분! 이게 이른 바 세계정부, 신 세계 질서의 실상으로 인간성 말살의 현장입니다. 지금 벌어지는 일은 장난이 아닙니다. 지극히 심각한 일이 아닐 수 없습니다. 불행하게도 사회에서는 노으로 받아 들여져 왔다는 사실입니다. 제가 이 현장에서 전하려는 건 "진실이 픽션보다도 더 기이하다"는 겁니다.

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