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"I can't find my way alone in this darkness" Josef K. in THE TRIAL Aprovel? - Plendil? - Nope - Colypan? - Nothing for the colon Longacef? - Cholipin? - No Exforge? Peridon? - That's a mouthwash - No mouthwash either - Systane Ultra? - No - That seems to be out of stock - Everything's out of stock - Benutrex? - Nope - Vaporub? - No - Coraspirina? - Nothing - Systane Ultra? - No Vaporub? Coraspirina? - Epro? - Nothing - Nothing for the prostate? - Nothing - And for the circulation? - Only natural products What's he looking for? I've been to 40 drugstores already 40? Me too. I do it every day I started at 6am Diaformina is all I have I already have that - We don't have Valsartan - Valsartan? I had some We only have Diaformina - I've been to 40 drugstores - Today? Since 6:30am when I left home - Did you find anything? - Nothing What are we sick people to do? I'm looking for something for my thrombophlebitis Who knows what's going to happen to us? But we have a "patria"! "Patria" and hunger...and long lines - Some day this will all be over - OK - Thanks darling - Bye Here's Caldel...and Riopan Perfect. How much do I owe you? Three thousand I'll tell my husband to make a transfer Don't forget that we still need Exforge for my mom I'm looking for that everywhere Let's see if some medicines arrive by the end of the week Here you are. Two Flavol And here's for the doctor who's not home right now Please give it to him and I'll pass by later for the money Thanks - It's two thousand Bolivares - OK You can give me cash or make a transfer or pay later I'll pay right now Thank you If you need anything else, give me a call or send a text message - Alright - Bye It's gonna rain I need to deliver some more medicines The only antibiotic I have is Azitromicina Ask your doctor To see if he accepts. Azitromicina is all I have Did you check at the other drugstores? There's nine in town - You already went to all? - Yes There's nine drugstores Once you've been to all, if you haven't found it, go to the doctor and ask him if you can change it for Azitromicina, which is what I have No contraceptives and very few antibiotics No anticonvulsants and nothing for the blood pressure We received Amlodipina and a week ago we got Valsartan But when I order it you're out of stock again They're sending one per client Imagine, one per client, that's not enough I know, but we have a lot of clients. More than 500 No antiacids, no digestives No drops and no antispasmodics either Nothing for children's fever - These are yours - These are mine Let's wait until next Thursday and see what you bring Defend the revolution. Defeat the economic war. Go back at the roundabout and you'll see me at the corner OK I don't see you - Here - OK, I see you My husband was doing treatment And how is he? He passed away a month and a half ago His condition was more advanced when he was diagnosed Thanks I have some more things. You want to have a look? I told mom to paint them and look what she did Oh glamour! Look I have some Emend - What's that? - My husband would take it before chemo Oh Emend! Sure, I use that too - It prevents vomiting - That's right And I have some Dexanetazona - I only have one. I gave the others to a friend - Thanks - May God give it back to you with good health - Well, I think, we all need to help each other I'm sure this will all work wonders on you - Thanks - Now go home, you shouldn't be out this late We have to tie her down Thanks. Bye bye My name is Rebeca Dos Santos I have acute lymphoblastic leucaemia and I can't find these medicines If you can't find them either, speak up and let your voice be heard Give me the red jacket I don't know where it is If you get tired, you lose Relay for life We can give them a list of medicines in order of priority We're doing all shipments of humanitarian aid with a door-to-door service It's more effective and it's not taken away at customs To avoid problems, we're asking for the shipments to be small At least four boxes each week Monday I picked up 20 boxes that had arrived from Spain But if the police stops me, they'd put me in jail and accuse me of being a reseller And the sentences are very harsh and all I am doing is humanitarian aid So we're asking to receive small shipments of four boxes each Sure. You're welcome Welcome to another program of "Humano Derecho". My name is Rafael Uzcátegui Our guest today is Francisco Valencia from the health NGO Codevida How are you Francisco? Thanks for giving me the chance to talk about the health issue, which is catastrophic People who have chronic health conditions Cancer, transplants, dialysis, etc. They can't find their medication Medicine scarcity is 75% You used to find everything at the Social Security Now, you're turned away, because they don't have anything Yesterday I got a call from a woman who can't find transplant medication for her eight-year-old boy The boy stops his treatment and in three days he loses his kidney It's an emergency that is being denied by the government We'd have millions of blind people if it wasn't for Chavez and the "Misiones" that have attended to the health of millions of Venezuelans who were abandoned during all those years that you were in power So stop the demagogy If the majority wants to come here to lose their time in these sessions that are void anyways Well, then continue with your show, but stop making the country lose more time Let's work together for the "patria". That's our proposal No show. No insults. No cheap politics Come and see your show The hospital is contaminated, from the roof to the bottom floor Right now, we don't have an ambulance Saline solutions are supplied intermittently Same with painkillers and we only have five antibiotics in our stock and several are only supplied intermittently That's the current state of the Coche Hospital. It's regrettable The elevator's been out of service for a year So with the only working elevator, patients are taken to the surgery room, and the dead to the morgue The same elevator is used to take out the garbage and to deliver food Unfortunately this is creating an infection risk for the patients that need surgery Food supply is intermittent, because we don't have running water from Wednesday afternoon until Sunday So on weekends our patients don't get any food Efraín Vegas, resident traumatology doctor at the Hospital Periférico de Coche The patients have rights, they have freedom of speech - You need a permit to shoot here - They don't need a permit, they have rights You don't need a permit for freedom of speech You'll need to tell that to the director The doctors have had to pay from their own money to buy my gauzes and bandages The drama we live every day is that we can't do much for our patients We can hide their symptoms, while their condition gets worse, and oftentimes we can't do anything at all This woman, for example, she has a spinal disc hernia that is compressing her nerves All I can do is give her painkillers and order an exam that I don't know if she'll be able to get And later refer her to a neurosurgeon that doesn't have the supplies to do surgery and cure her All the neurosurgeon can do is advise physical therapy that isn't going to take away the hernia and so the hernia will keep on pressing on her nerves and all we can do is ease the pain, but we can't cure her That's not what we studied medicine for Lift your other foot Put it down on the bed Do you have a scissor? Cut it Keep your hand away Keep your hands away. Don't infect the wound This is clean - Do we have iodine? - No - And alcohol? - I got some I got some. Here take it This situation is hard International organisations like Caritas have the supplies which is all we're asking for Please, just acknowledge that we have a crisis Your families also suffer this crisis I want to tell the Venezuelan people The government is working. The outpatient care system is working Medicines are arriving and are being distributed to all public hospitals And we keep on working on the entire public health system This Parliament needs to inquire what really happened at the Ministry of Health and all the money that was stolen there I don't know where you were born, but many of us from Merida where born in the same hospital where 80 newborns recently died from lack of supplies Venezuelan people, see the lack of responsibility from the right-wing MP's This issue was to be discussed last Tuesday. If it was so urgent why did they ask for it to be deferred - Secondly - Talk to the people of Merida No supplies no health! No supplies no health! People are dying in our hands People are dying because of your sluggishness Doctor! Doctor, please!

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