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How to use portable applications

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Welcome to's video cast. If you enjoy these videos, please support them by subscribing or commenting. In this video, I'm going to go over portable applications and how to use them. And what these applications are are applications that you can store on any storage device and use them on any computer. You don't have to keep installing them on each different computer. You can just install it once and use it on whatever computer you go to. The website to go to is for most of these applications. Just to browse through what applications they have: development, accesibility, educational, gaming... ...programming, internet applications, different things like that. You can download these individually and put them on flash drives or iPods. Or you can download the "Portable Apps Suite", which comes with a navigational menu once you install it. So I'm going to download this entire thing and install it on my Kingston flash drive. I'm just going to click "Next" and accept the liscensing agreement... ...and select my flash drive to install it to. Then just click "Install". Whenever it's through, it should let you automatically launch it. Then you can see what the interface looks like. It's a little menu that's in the lower right hand corner of you're screen. You can use it to open up different applications. This is Open Office's "Calc" program. It's similar to "Excel". They also have "Word" and different things like that. Everytime you take out your USB drive and plug it into another computer, it should automatically pop up with an option to launch this application. You can even add your own portable applications and customize this menu yourself. That's it for this tutorial, for more go to

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Posted by: tinkernut on Dec 1, 2008

This video shows how to use and install portable appications on a portable storage device, including SD cards, USB sticks and iPods.

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