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MyKabbalah Lesson 2 mission 1 Engsmall

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What is Tikkun? Hi everybody, welcome back! My name is Deborah, and I'm so happy to be with you, and share one of the most profound Kabbalistic concepts. Which is about how life is perfectly designed. Now, before we go into that, let's go back to our previous level, and take with us a few concepts. We learned how to transform challenges into opportunities to connect, to what Kabbalah calls the source of endless fulfilment, which is The Light. We learned, what is our real essence which is the soul. Which is an infinite desire to receive that Light. And, because of that infinite desire to receive that Light, our soul is constantly striving to be like the Light. To be the cause, to be sharing, to be proactive. Remember, like attracts like. On the opposite, our low consciousness, which is also called "the body consciousness" which pushes us to be robotic, to be negative, to be reactive, limited. The process by which we learn, how to let our soul over come our body reactive consciousness, is called "Tikkun" Tikkun comes from the Hebrew word "correction" Tikkun means, that every single situation that we encounter in life, every challenge, every dynamic we have with people, is perfectly orchestrated, tailor made, specifically designed by the Light, by life, to allow us to learn specific lessons, and undergo specific transformations. Each one of us has unique lessons. So, for example, some of us might have to learn how to let go, others, how to take more responsibilities. Others might have to learn how to speak up. Or others, to learn how to listen to other ideas. We're going to learn, in the next missions, how to begin identifying our own specific lessons. So we start understanding why things occur in our lives, and how we can bring about real transformation. Now, let's go, a little bit even deeper. Our Tikkun is comprised, made up of, two things. One, the reactive, negative system that we have to overcome. And two, those specific beautiful gifts, that beautiful Light that we came to share with others. Now, although I might not be so comfortable, to understand and see what our reactive system is, it's necessary. Because without that, we cannot go onto our next level in life. And, we'll often find that our creative gifts lay behind that negativeness. But, often times, we can get so caught up with negativity, that we forget what life is all about. Which is to share that Light which is inside each one of us. So, this mission, is really about us revealing those gifts. Some of you might be talented musicians, super creative. Some of you, might be amazing empaths, amazing people persons, others might have an amazing sense of business. Whatever those gifts are, they are unique, beautiful and important. So, with this mission, please, sit down, take a piece of paper, a pen, and start writing down. Go inward, and connect to that inner point that is inside of you, and ask: What are those gifts that you have? What are those natural talents? Natural qualities that you came here to learn to share with others? Write them down, give them power. In the next lesson, we are going to learn how to overcome those reactive systems, those blockages. See you there.

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