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Jacque Fresco - No Sane Political Decisions, Serial Learning (1976)

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... and the key is whatever you bring it up, you know? And so, they are all insane, this whole fucking rule, you walk outside this door. And all values are so mixed up that most literate people out there. Of course that was swapped. And so what is going to happen? I would say that we would be keep and build the world around the same people, instead of go to literate on people. And so the fuel falls on river. See? They get along as they will at the outside and go on. Now what we really have to do is to reorient people to a new way of thinking. When they stop looking for gossips, and they want a better world to get up their asses, and make it better. And learning with the process about to doing so. Unfortunately, this system, when i talk about, would put on television with another person to me, i would lose. Because the values are sometimes so complex, and the order of the information is so different, and the things that they, the antagonism might bring out, of common views to everybody. So they would agree. In other words, if, before the right of wrap them up, when i said, have right on the baby of John, why man can't fly, i would win. Because most people are not in that level. And John says i were believing a flying machine would be packed off. And so, when you get up some day we would communicate by wire, in so great distance is, you would lose the baby you made around. So, the majority, the democracy is a nonsensical concept, assuming that a great number of people can make a better decision than you. We never call my brother law on a surgery is called for. He was no fucking to anybody. They called different specialists, and they do all kinds of thermographs and x-rays, and then make decisions based on that. Not that medics can make vested decisions, but they can make benefits than your grandmother. And then, if you went on flight control techniques, don't bring the american people and have them voting on it. They don't know enough about the issues, because they just educated. All i am suggesting is that the future tools would never commit anyone to became musician, or an engineer, or a chemist. They will be trained in multidisciplines. They learn 4 or 5 different cultures, they learn how the spanish families live, the greek families, they learn about foods and costumes all over the world. So you can visit them in any part of the world, and not go to the american club. This guy living in France one year, in the american club. They don't know anything about France, see? So, they would learn how to recognize a different system and culture, and not saying they have funny costumes. So, when we raise on the people of the future, they will be multi people, multi discipline, so they can understand many things. And they will be smart enough to say i don't know anything about what you are saying in that area, and he get up and he propose something brand new. Instead of saying that will never happen, i would say i don't know enough about electronics, and know the validity of what you are saying. I can't value it, see? Another person says i can make a new type of motor that looks like ball that is electrically repelled propeller car, by immersible power system. The person were saying because saying about physics mechanics, i don't understand. And he describe its own language too, see? People would be like that on anything, if they would be alike all exactly like. Exactly like regarding new ideas. If you were writing a discipline, a person would say a radical discipline, a person would listen to it and say it's too early for me, you know you would like it or not, because you have to be exposed in a period of time. Like if you have being in China for 5 years, and have many friends there, you became alike chines by association, in time. First would sound strange, like noise, and you then learn to like it. So, some of the terms that are out of news music, you say, it's too early to me to make a decision, i'm not familiar with that stuff myself. Instead of Jesus guy went in front of crappy sound, you are making a judgment right the way. If you came in with an new hair style, waxed to a point like that, instead of saying how funny does nothing custom doing, perhaps you were in time like you. You see? Perhaps you shave your eyebrows, and you got little spots like that. And you said what is upon in that, i said i like it, but i said i'm not used to it. But i don't look at it and say that is upon a thing i do. Because i remember as a kid i went to the movies, they show cannibals, you know, bones to their noses. And people used to laugh, and the movie there. And they wear heads with cherries and pigeons on it, that is ridiculous kind of thing. Do you understand what that means? They have pieces and comes down here, you know? And the guy, a big fat man used to wear a gold chain and a watch used to left a thousand of that is another way to do. And i would say that people are funny. They wear address with babies in suits with millions of units on their legs like that, and they go swim with their lousy brag. Then, and they worried that would be strange, so. Everybody is ridiculous, and they try to know why. And so, there will be no more value judgments. You never look in another person and say what, i never saw that once is there is person alike. You say how this behave to me. You understand? So we go around, we think we would go to describe all the people. Suppose your first way to most of the frequent book about you. Then you set an option, then your mother you alike, and then your father, your brother, your sister, they all have different books. So never read anything by anybody about anybody, they value a shit. Because no one can write a book about himself. I meant trying to be fair, open minded kind, be decision making on learn, you know? And then they meet their pen on their legs. Right, so. Writing is definitively not typical on writing about themselves. Because they have an investment, they are evil, they are involved. Now, it gets the way you talk about people. When you say, you mean what this deal is alike, that is said is reason. Is that absolutely honest with me, is an excellent mechanic, he knows very little about astronomy, very little about electronics, when used to be allowed then for appointments, unless is anybody alike to this, he says, i said no, that is what is alike to me, to somebody else, maybe we don't know how to learn that yet, let me tell what you might like you god damn too busy, you know, and then you go on and you tell when another people are alike. And say, well, it seems to me, or at least how it deal to me. Now when you talk like that, and that is saying, and let me tell you what my first and another version are and let me tell you son of a bitch, you see? Well if you go to listen that first wife, about your reference need, you get another story. And they are both full of shit, on that kind of thing. And the worries would be loaded of shit all over that, because he represents anybody against that. A lawyer never represents the true. Because they can't. They don't know enough about things represent the true. They wouldn't gather that much information. So i say that if you get that convinced on very aligned in political, so they try to do that. And so when you are useful for lawyers, lawyer isn't a person that tries to find out, maybe priors down, very few. And maybe in some areas, in very few lawyers are concerned, they read books like argumentation debate, and how to win an argument, that kind of fine too. And you can't debate the true. You can't get up and debate the new idea, because the public might not be familiar with it. Finds in two fantastic. For example, if i address a medical conference last year, there is a possibility of mechanisms that people swallow. And these tiny mechanisms looks like a bean. And by electronic control, they might play and comes out, and full magnetic thing, surgery travelling inside body, without myth, done by electromagnetic manipulation. The type of nature the surgery machine takes over. Cleans, stitches, and does everything. The doctor says, what is going to happen to me? What will happen is a nightmare. You know that, before you bought that refrigerator, you got a family here, you never give a shit about anybody but yourself. So there will be mechanisms that are lawyers. And they handle the situation not to win, to find as much information as they can. So this is not not guilty or guilty. There is not such things. Sometimes a person, if you get mad with somebody, and pull the trigger, and you miss, you are not a murderer. It flies over your nose and you have it hit, and now you are a murderer. You friends are not associated with that anymore. If a girl pushes her little child out of a store, and you push her, when you think she did, and you push her in the head against the concrete and she is dead, you know, a murder. You commit a murder. What is a murder? When anybody on flies dropping bombs are murder to me. All soldiers are assassins. So, i don't use those labels. To me there are no great people, no bad people, no bombs, no great people, no Leonardo da Vincis, no Michelangelos, they are just people. And Michelangelo or Da Vinci were exposed to people who talked on views and ideas that they do never heard about. They used to sit around, and how do you think we can make a ball role? And some guy said, well, if you put up a sale like this, or you put a rocket charge in the chinese unit, and the individual talk a lot about, he have no idea on where he got his ideas. And they they have a book called a law of the great man, and did it all by himself. In essence, i tell story many times, but first happens that mixed unusual substances together, he disappeared with the building. And its brought up and never mixed that together. And we became smart by making mistakes. They all men and women build upon other man and woman. Now we learn seriously from so many sources, that would be no great man in the future. The right people would say what Einstein would say, i came upon relativity by this method, and i read this book, that book, that man, and say, he always said this, i have enabled to achieve what i had achieved, because i studied on the shoulders of giants. You know what it means by that. And that goes to Bach, Brahms, Beethoven, and there they were writing a lot of Bach type of musics. A lot sounds like Bach. And so even the Beatles, when they came on, they took very english music. And their public arised there. But there is no such things as total originality. Man is influenced by environment, by books, by people. And so, someday, there will be no great man. There will be no monuments, except to man. That is the achiever, or the, on achiever depending on this time in history. And, in the future, there will be no memorials, will be no greatest memorial that will be weaken, memorial library. And you put your nose on that statuary on the park, that does nothing. You will put in automatic photographic equipment that will better in task, that you would generate (?), you know what i mean? You would not put up a god damn statue on a bunch of warriors and blossoms and pigeon shit all over it, and attract the (?) and how do you go around it, these shit brought people were hungry and uneducated, you would go into fun and enlighted people, and books and libraries. We don't even know how to educate people. And they talk on education today in school. There is no education, there is robotization, when...

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Part 2 of a talk about distortions of values and importance of re-orienting towards more relevant and generalist views; education.

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