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Hello! Today we altogether made a video. And a lot of Bulgarian politicians will hear your opinion. For two months you yourselves were actually a hidden, secret government consisting of a Minister of Education and Science, a Minister of Labour and Social Policy, Ministers of Healthcare, and a Minister of Finance. I would like to ask you... do you know any children, do you know any young adults, who have been in an institution, who have lived in a sheltered home, and are now placed in the small group homes, or in the sheltered houses? Is there anyone like that here? Yes! How many people do you know? Five! Five people. So, you know best what they really need. Yes. Alright. Now, I will set you a task. If you were still those Ministers, what would you do for these five people, and for others like them, who are currently living in the small group homes, or at the sheltered homes, or are still in the institutions? What would you do for them? Michaela. Let the mothers and fathers take care of them, and not leave them. No matter what they are like. You were the Minister of Labour and Social Policy. Yes. Would you fund this? Yes. I would grant funds so there would be well-trained staff at the small group homes, and at the sheltered homes. I would grant funds so there would be well-trained occupational therapists, who would take on young adults from these small group or sheltered homes as apprentices. I would support parents, who wish to foster them. And I would... I would share experience with my colleagues from abroad, and I would appoint people who would make sure there is no abuse or violence in the small group homes. Alright! Thank you! And the Ministers of Healthcare? Ellie? Teddy? Well, I, as Minister of Healthcare would work together with the Minister of Social Policy so that children and young adults, who are no longer in institutions would have access to essential services and place them within easy reach: a school, proper healthcare, physiotherapists, psychologists and work opportunities, which would be offered to young adults from sheltered homes. We would also work together to create a centre to provide training for parents of children with disabilities where they would share their experience. It is imperative that we hire a psychologist, with whom these people can share their concerns. I would fund several preventative check-ups by specialists for mothers for early diagnostics so that the problem can be detected on time and solved. A wonderful idea! Now, let’s hear from the Minister of Education. I would organize, with the support of the Minister of Healthcare, and the Minister of Social Policy, we would arrange specialised transportationfor children with disabilities, and people living in small group homes. Specialised transportation? Yes. Alright, thank you! And last, I would like to ask what advice would you give to the real Ministers? It was worth communicating with each other even twice a day because together we came up with more and more new ideas. Anyone else? We got together... the whole meeting could hear us out. And what sort of people would you hire for your Ministry of Healthcare? Better professionals that would tend to people’s dental needs and would provide more suitable conditions for disabled children so they can be treated at dental surgeries. Good! The Ministers should talk to families with disabled children. To hear the opinions of the children, too. To care about their concerns. That’s it. Alright, thank you very much! You will continue being Ministers, right? Yes. Alright! Thanks!

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BG clean file

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