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Value Of RSA Archer 6.4

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April 18 marks the general availability of RSA Archer release 6.4. We will look at the release from the view of greater performance and serviceability features, improved use case functionality and of course the many enhancements to the platform. These are some of the highlights of this release for our customers. Greater performance is a consistent ask from our customers. Make it faster, better and more intuitive. How does RSA Archer 6.4 deliver on this ask? With improved data quality and data feed performance. How is this improved? By batching records together for improved feed performance, calculation improvements and calculated cross reference improvements. Let's get to the details. Batch content save improves performance of data feeds. By batching together records we can now process larger sets of content more rapidly. This has been a customer ask for a very long time and it's finally here. Customers will be thrilled.

This affects all use cases where high volumes of content are consumed. There have been calculation improvements including the ability to delay and schedule calculations and recalculations until the completion of the data feed. What does this mean to the customer? A decrease in total time to process data feed and dependent recalculations and an overall reduction in load on their systems. Results from our internal performance testing have shown feeds running up to 55 times faster. That's impressive. Another enhancement, calculated cross reference, allows relationships between content to be built dynamically. This will help our customers maintain data relationship integrity in complex data structures by eliminating some human error with manual linking and potentially eliminate the need for many Archer to Archer data feeds that they may be using today to automatically link records. For example, devices and vulnerability scan results both have device specific attributes such as DNS name, IP address and Mac address. The calculated cross reference could be used to automatically link the scan results to devices as they are ingested from the scanners by matching against the device attributes. In this example, users could configure two calculated cross reference fields— one to show open scan results and one for closed results.

As scan results are closed, they would automatically move from one cross reference to the other. RSA Archer 6.4 also now provides XSLT 3.0 support which will improve integrations. Data feeds out of the box will be more efficient. XSLT 3.0 enables multi-step processing as well as increased speed and efficiency of data transformations. Your customers can now integrate their Archer deployment with almost any other system as an out of the box feature. RSA Archer 6.4 introduces a new use case, RSA Archer Cyber Incident and Breach Response. This use case brings together business process from Security Incident Management and Security Operations and Breach Management sec ops into one new use case, the Cyber Incident and Breach Response use case. Why consolidate? So customers can centralize the process for responding to security incidents. They'll be better able to escalate security issues to key stakeholders, be more efficient when responding to data breaches and be better able to track and manage controls that impact their compliance initiatives.

How does this impact existing customers with the original two use cases? When customers with the original use cases upgrade to release 6.4 the license change will happen automatically. The maintenance use case structure will change however as now there is a maintenance on one use case instead of two. Existing customers with Security Incident Management only, in moving to release 6.4, will get the new use case and additional functionality at no additional product charge. There will be maintenance cost differences that will be addressed during the customers license renewal. There will be a FAQ document available on Sales IQ to answer additional questions. This release delivers updates to the RSA Archer information security management system use case. Customers can now generate a statement of applicability for ISO 27001 certification as well as being able to conduct a gap analysis in their information security management system. The can also automate the processes required to remain compliant. Let's take a look at the platform enhancements at a glance.

A picture is worth a thousand words. This screen shot shows an embedded report within a record for a particular business unit. With RSA Archer 6.4 you can now embed reports directly within records simply by dragging and dropping report objects on the layouts of applications and questionnaires. The benefit? An example would be a business unit record displaying a report with a risk heat map or the mitigating controls associated to all business processes for that business unit. There are a lot of bulk capabilities included in this release. On demand and scheduled bulk actions now support leveled applications. There are targeted 508 remediations to ensure the CDM dashboards meet requirements of section 508 of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, WCAG, of the rehabilitation act. This will help meet the road map expectations of federal customers. 6.4 provides advanced workflow logging which captures when and what user clicks an advanced workflow button giving customers greater insight into changes to content over its life cycle. This is one of the most requested capabilities from our customers. With a new GRC API, customers can now connect external reporting tools directly to Archer without the need for the Archer Data Publication Service. RSA Archer 6.4 has simplified life for system administrators to determine user access with the new EPIC Console.

The Epic Console, the Effective Permissions Investigation Console, enables administrators to analyze permissions for a record and compare multiple users access to that content. This tool greatly simplifies role and group access control troubleshooting. RSA Archer 6.4 benefits customers with faster time to value and an improved Archer experience for users and administrators. From a marketing perspective the themes for this release are improved data quality and feed performance, greater performance and serviceability and improving business process workflow. So talk to your customers today about the value of upgrading to RSA Archer 6.4.

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Value Of RSA Archer 6.4

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