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Do we have to give her a card? Like, giving her a card... I don't know, can't we perform or something? Make a... Yeah! Something like -Something Moroccan -Something you'll remember very well -Yes, but... -I don't want to perform, but... [Hi Chris, do you have some money I can borrow? Like 1000 kr? It's okay with less, too... ...I promise you'll get it back on the 1st of July plus the 750 I owe you from beforehand... ...There's just this top on sale right now that I've wanted for a really long time. And I don't want to ask mom because I've borrowed a lot from her lately.] -Nooo... We can give a speech -Yes! -You can write it, right? -Yes -And then we can... -Hi! -Hi Are you going to the Eid party at Sana's? Yeah, are you going too? Yeah! Or, uhm, Jonas asked if I wanted to come... ...and I was a little stressed because I don't really know anyone else who's going... ...but then I thought about Kosegruppa. Yay! And then I thought that maybe you're going? -Yeah, we're going. We'll take care of you -Yeah, good! Yeah, we have to take care of each other -See you later! -Goodbye! -Bye! -But, okay, speech -Yes What are we going to write? Come in! -Hi -Hi Do you have a minute? I have two hours, seventeen minutes, and fourteen seconds until... ...I'm going on summer vacation Welcome, Christina Berg! Sit down How do you know my name? I know the name of every student in this school. What can I help you with? Uhmm... I just have this friend who... It's not just that There are many people who don't have friends. Lots of people who are lonely Take the retirement homes in Oslo, for example They're overflowing with old people and think about that All of their friends are dead No one comes to visit and they're all by themselves All those people have, are the memories from a lost time That's fucking true! But like... I haven't thought about that before, but if you get really, really old... and all your friends just... die... ...then it's not awesome to live at all No, not at all Tell me about your friend Yeah... I have a friend who I'm pretty worried about I don't think she has a good home life And... I think her mom is pretty depressed So I feel like I should be a better friend But I'm not any good at that stuff And... I can't... I can't talk to her about it So I was wondering if maybe you could talk to her about it Hmm... You know what I think this sounds like, Christina? I think it sounds like you're lying? Are you? No! Because what it sounds like is "I'm not good at that stuff" But I think you are I'm not! I'm seriously really bad at this stuff! As soon as there is just a little conflict, I- Everyone thinks conflicts are uncomfortable! But that doesn't mean you should avoid them! Do you know what, Christina Berg? I think you should be very careful with these "truths" you tell yourself about yourself I don't see what you're describing right now Do you want to know what I see? I see a girl who's more than enough of a good friend I see a girl who talks to her friends And I see a girl who LOVES conflict! A bit over the top at the end but you know what I mean You know what I want? I know what you want

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