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Moshe Rebeinu

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Hello, every, welcome, to the day Special death date anniversary of Moses or Moshe Rabbeinu Today is the seventh of Hadar it is the day that Moses left the world we actually are celebrating Moses death anniversary as we all know the death anniversary of a righteous is not to commemorate the day that they passed away. It's rather, their soul came here to reveal tremendous light and the day that they left the world. All the light that they revealed through their entire lifetime is being revealed again We can get the support of Moses, today with the ability to connect to the understanding of what Moses is and besides the fact that Moses was a spiritual leader Moses had amazing attributes. Such as humanity, such as ability to lead by feeling the pain of others by having genuine concern for all the Israelites having genuine concern for the world and having craving and true connection to the light force and the creator Moses was actually half angel. He was physically here but his soul was also in the upper world. So in order to understand the power of Moses and how we can personally benefit From his energy. I would love to share with you a few verses of the Zohar Going to open portion Tumar, verse 880 Hebrew We have learned that Rabi shimon said, Moses did not die If you ask yet it is written, and Moses died there and so every place where death is mentioned by the righteous, what is that? From our view it is called so But from the view of those above to the contrary, his life increased For we have learned that rabbi shimon said he taught that the holy faith is suspended from one who is perfect death is not attached to him and he doesn't die as it was with Jacob who had a complete faith Therefore Jacob the Patriarch did not die. Let's try to understand the verse of the Zohar and the meaning of it and let's see what is the meaning to our life So rabbi Shimon said in the commentary of the Zohar that Moses didn't die Moses didn't die, on one hand Rabbi Shimon says But in scripture, in The Torah it says that he died. So Rabbi Shimon with the Zohar, or the Torah? It seems there like there is a contradiction, but we know that the Torah is just a code For the Zohar which is explaining what is beyond it and therefore it says, that every time there is death mentioned It's not really death when it has to do with the righteous, okay? so what does that mean? It is called so but from the view of above The contrary, his life increased. Meaning those above, the righteous people who physically transitioned to the upper world there life increased what does that mean? Meaning that the righteous person when they are in a physical body They reveal tremendous light But what way beyond what we can understand. Now when a righteous person leaves the world They don't leave because okay it's time for them to die Because the body has to die, and even though the righteous doesn't deserve today because as humanity we haven't accomplished our correction There body still has to die Nevertheless their soul elevates and gets extra light Extra energy, and us we can cannot to the extra energy, and their energy even more than when they were alive Meaning wouldn't that be nice to be with Moses? Physically to be with Moses and see Moses, that would be Wow! That must have felt amazing, for the people that lived in that generation And yet, since Moses transitioned Moses presence and light isn't in grey According to the Zohar. Because the power of the righteous now, is that the righteous soul of Moses Is everywhere with us, and Moses comes in every generation With the leader that brings the tremendous light and mortality to the world And Moses tonight, today can come to each one of us and guide us, guide us to our perfected self, our righteous self For we have learned, Rabbi Shimon said that the holy faith is suspended from one who is perfect, that is not attached to him and he does not die and as it was with Jacob who had complete faith, therefore Jacob the Patriarch did not die So the Zohar refers to complete faith with the fact that Jacob did not die Meaning if i want to have or remove death from my life meaning I want continuity in my relationships continuity in my prosperity, continuity of tremendous light and protection and light in my life I need to remove the force of death, and the force of death can only be caused by lack of complete death. Meaning, as long as I have doubts, fears, insecurity. I still don't have complete faith and to that degree I have death in my life Death in the form of lack of happiness Depression, lack of growth, stagnation, wherever that is We are talking about spiritual death Not talking about physical death, SPIRITUAL DEATH If there is in area in my life which still has lack or emptiness which can be expressed through fears or addictions or selfishness or whatever that it is, which is not spiritual in my essence that energy of death, exists and we can remove that energy of death, or at least the curtain to understand that there is no death. Like the Kabbalists explained, even though we see that there is death and people that we you used and people that we used to have in our life are no longer there. Loved ones and we were in tremendous pain when we lost them Nevertheless, the Rav would say That funeral, death is just a show and the biggest show of Satan Yes physical body is dead And yes it may feel like the person is no longer with us but the only thing that is different is that now, we have a curtain between us and that person. Not that they died, but that now there is a curtain between us and that person meaning that we, if we remove that curtain of death that has been caused to our selfish desires through our ego, or whatever that is that is holding us back and disconnecting us from the light of the creator that curtain can be removed so that we can see the truth because we live in a world of illusion and we need the key to access the world of truth to access the ultimate fulfillment and presence of the light of the creator This is what Moses can give us. The power of humanity, the power of being a true servent of the light and the strength to over come our fears With that I am wishing all of us, amazing connections to the Seventh day of Hadar to the transitioning of Moses and may we remove death from our own lives and from the world. Thank you!

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