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Interview de la coordinatrice du DCH de KUMANOVO

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We are currently in the Roma Citizens' Association "Vrama Si". We have four schoolrooms, one of which is for first to fourth grade students, one for the students from fifth to eighth grade and one for children aged between four and six years. The primary activities of the Roma Citizens' Association "Vrama Si" are: tutoring, providing support in the children's education process through several activities, such as providing assistance to the students in writing homeworks, preparation for the next schoolday and helping them to better understand the school lessons The Digital Clubhouse which the students are currently visiting is currently used for motivating the children - if the children manage to write their homeworks according to our work schedule in a period of an hour and a half, the children are "awarded" with an opportunity to use or work on the computers. The children are also using this opportunity to write essays, learn the basic skills for using Microsoft Office, according to a certain study program of course, and they are working on all their school assignments. They are currently working on their school timetable. Some of the basic activities performed by the Roma Citizens' Association "Vrama Si" with children at 4,5 and 6 years of age - are the Macedonian language classes and the health education. The centre is visited by more than 300 children (from four years of age to eighth grade, as direct users of the services of "Vrama Si". Two years ago we were also working with high school students, and we've been working since then with children in the eighth grade. Except for these basic activities, we are also working on several workshops with the target group, getting familiar with children's rights - Children's Rights Convention and other types of activities that we consider to be most necessary at the moment according to the suggestions of a group of childern who decide by themselves what they need to learn. Aside from activities with children and parents, we are also working in partnership with other centres as well, on a national level, and we are working on supporting and strengthening the capacities of the teachers. One thing that we have started last year, and which is yielding results, is the preparation of the local intercultural curriculums for the History school subject, something that has been accepted by the school, by our partner schools and the Bureau for Education Development. As you know, Macedonia, and especially Kumanovo is a city with many cultures and nationalities. Nationalities are living side by side, but living completely differently and separated, so they're not living interculturally. In order to improve this cooperation and get familiar with the culture of the others, we must work on intercultural programs in the curriculum for the history school subject and we will also be working on other school subjects concentrating on a certain culture of certain people. We are now trying to include all the nationalities in Macedonia, to not only study about the Macedonians in the history class, but to also study about Roma, Albanians, Turks and Vlachs. In this way, we would be a step closer to intercultural understanding which means unity and agreement amongst the nation/nationalities. Except this centre, we have another one as well - in the centre of the city. Here we are working in partnership and cooperation with the elementary school "Hristijan Karposh", whereas the other centre is located in the centre of the city and we are working there with two more schools, central schools of the city of Kumanovo, the elementary school "Braka Miladinovci" and "Krste Misirkov".

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Posted by: momal on Sep 30, 2009

Interview de la coordinatrice du DCH de KUMANOVO

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