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Paris, je t'aime: Quais de Seine

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"Paris, je t'aime: Quais de Seine" Director: Gurinder Chadha, France Hello, ladies. Well, aren’t you a couple of heartbreakers! What is this ? When you’re old enough to shave, let me know. Way to show her what you're worth! Do you have any idea--"Shit!" Oh, let her go. You’re never going to shag her, anyway. You’re a buffoon. Listen : I’m not the one who hasn’t touched a girl in a month. Just so we’re clear. What a nightmare. "Hey, we're in France." Did you see that chick? "Hey, where are you going?" What's he doing? Miss? Are you really putting your neck on the line? Are you ok? Assholes. "Here." It's just the way they looked at me. I'm sorry. It's not a big deal. Can I help you? Yes, please. [music] Is that ok ? I don’t really know where to put it. There ? How do I look? I’ll show you. Give me a little smile. You'll never get girls with tricks like that. No—I’m not like that. My friends are idiots. They’re pathetic. "Yeah." You have really beautiful hair. Why do you have to hide it under that thing ? Nobody forces me to. I chose to do it. It's a shame, because you're really pretty. Thanks, but are you implying that I’m not pretty when I wear my hijab ? No, that’s not what I meant. You and your friends don’t know the first thing about women. Why would you talk to those girls like that ? You know perfectly well that they don’t like it. If I want to be beautiful, it’s for me. And when I wear the headscarf, I feel like I have a faith, an identity. I feel good, and I think that that, too, is beauty. Explain that to your buddies and maybe one day they’ll get with a girl--who knows ? Anyway, I gotta go. Where are you going? To the mosque. Could you--? Thanks. And—thanks for helping me, as well. No problem. Hey, man, have you lost it ? "What?" I need to leave soon. Are you nuts ? If you touch her, you’re going to get your face beaten in! He’s right. Oh, wow. Hey, miss ! Quit looking ! I’m here ! Miss—are you late, miss ? Wait ! I’ve been waiting for you for an hour ! Seriously, I don’t know what’s going on. We’re young, cute… [music] Hey. Hey. So, grandpa, this is the boy who helped me earlier. Hello. Hello. I wasn’t actually expecting to see you here… François. I'm Zarka. Are your hands doing better ? They’re ok. It was very nice of you to help her. It was nothing. We’re off this way. Would you like to come along ? [music] So are you a student ? Yeah. History. Very good, my boy. It’s very important to know one’s history. My Zarka wants to be a journalist. For an international paper. She wants to write about France—her own, personal France. Chalah. Chalah.

Video Details

Duration: 5 minutes and 26 seconds
Country: France
Language: French (France)
Genre: None
Director: Gurinder Chadha
Views: 14,265
Posted by: pangea on Apr 22, 2008

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