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DIRECTIONS (tapping to gain attention) directions describe SHEFFIELD BUILDING (pointing to it) entrance door open .. (pointing to over there) RECEPTION (pointing next to Reception) STUDENT CARD SWIPE .. then door is open .. up the steps (pointing to restaurant) RESTAURANT .. (floor) FIRST FLOOR (pointing to library) LIBRARY (now pointing to opposite library) WALL POSTER (pointing next to wall poster) .. SMALL CAFE (pointing to library) library .. before .. (pointing to there) LIFT (floor, floor, floor) 4th floor 2nd floor (pointing to there) HAIRDRESSERS (pointing next to hairdressers) .. STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES CORRIDOR .. (pointing to other side) SIGN LANGUAGE (pointing next to it) .. MAN .. TOILET OPPOSITE (pointing to it from toilet) WOMAN TOILET now talk about (tapping to gain attention) you know where student support service? 2nd floor (pointing to over there) hairdressers .. before (then pointing there) student support service (I now understand) .. just to clarify .. hairdressers .. before .. (pointing there) student support service RIGHT you know .. where library? 1st (pointing to reception) steps .. (pointing to restaurant) restaurant (then pointing to lift) lift (pointing next to lift) library (I see) just clarifying .. reception there .. stairs .. then restaurant .. next to it .. lift .. then there library (you) right (you) want .. BREAK .. COFFEE? meet .. coffee .. where? (you) know (pointing to library) library .. opposite .. there (pointing to cafe) cafe (oh yes) thumb up meet .. time what? about .. meet .. 10 o'clock? thumb up SEE YOU LATER

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Duration: 4 minutes and 24 seconds
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Producer: Richard Stacey
Director: Anthony Doyle
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Posted by: bsl4u on Dec 13, 2010

Giving and understanding directions via BSL

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