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Enlightenment - Life the way it is :: Preview

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So what is it that we are referring to as enlightenment? As a human being, there are various levels of experiences that human beings are going through. Some people know just food and sleep. Some people know creating something, some people know action, some people know art, some people know music, some people know drugs, sex, this that, so many things; but if you look at it carefully, always a human being is seeking to have a larger slice of life, isn't it? Isn’t it so? Whether he is out to make money, or he wants to have pleasure, or he wants to go to heaven, it doesn’t matter. If he wants to go to the temple or to the bar, he is still trying to have a larger slice of life. That’s the only intention. Isn't it so? To enhance the present level of life to something more. So the whole effort is to have a larger slice of life. So you have had pieces of life, some have been…. Some of them have been good; maybe some of them bitter, but you have had a certain slice of life. Suppose you had the whole pie for yourself, I would call that enlightenment. You are not seeking pieces anymore. You become very greedy. You want all of it. Everything that can be known, experientially you want to know it right now. If you do manage it, that’s called enlightenment. Is it very difficult? Not at all. The most difficult thing about enlightenment is, it’s too simple and it’s the most obvious. Because it’s so obvious the whole world misses it. If it was somewhere up on the moon, by now everybody would have gotten it, but the problem is, it is right here within you. That’s the whole problem, and your whole focus is out. Why it is out is, right now your whole perception of life is only through five senses. Yes? Everything that you know right now has entered you either by seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. This is the only way you know the world, isn't it? This moment if you shut down these five agencies of senses, you will have no experience of life or of yourself. This is what is happening to you when you fall asleep. When you fall asleep, this one is very much alive. The body is alive, the mind is on, the world is on; but all of them have disappeared in your experience simply because the five senses have just shut down. That’s all. So sense organs are the only means of experience for you right now. And sense organs in the very nature of things are outward bound. If, see you can hear the fan obviously, but even if you drop a pin, you can hear it. So much of activity in this body, can you hear it? Hum? No. If an ant crawls upon it, even the breeze from this fan, you can feel it on your skin. So much blood flowing inside, can you feel it? No. So sense organs are essentially outward bound. Because of your dependence upon the sense perception, turning inward and knowing the inner dimension seems to be so out of reach. That’s only because you do not have the right kind of instruments, or right kind of vehicle to turn inward.

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Posted by: swamit on Jan 2, 2012

In this preview of "Enlightenment -- Life the Way it is", Sadhguru makes a phenomenon that is well beyond the current level of perception for most people logically accessible for the modern mind. A realized Master himself, he throws light on what it takes to experience, know and enjoy life in its totality, make life and death a conscious process and become truly free.

"The most difficult thing about enlightenment is, it is too simple, and it is the most obvious. Because it is so obvious, the whole world misses it." - Sadhguru

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