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So the question inevitably comes up. When can I get rid of the food? When can I stop giving my puppy treats in exchange for a behavior? And my answer is twofold. First of all, there is a time and a way that you thin the ratio and you start giving fewer treats and you start instead giving praise and different kinds of reinforcers. And yes, eventually, you can wean the puppy off the food. But I think the bigger question is why are we in such a hurry not to give the dog a treat? There's a saying that a relationship is a history of reinforcement. So your goal in life should be to find as many opportunities as possible to give your dog a treat. To find as many times as possible that your dog is doing something you want and you can give him something that he so dearly appreciates. That's going to build a relationship, and that's why you got a dog. It's worth talking about human entitlement, which is this idea that the dog should just do it. He should just do it because he's my dog, he should just do it because I said so. He should be obedient. That if it's otherwise, if I have to pay for behavior, if I have to reinforce behavior, if there has to be rewards, that somehow, we've been let down. It's probably the biggest myth going. Dr. Susan Friedman, who's an applied behavior analyst at University of Utah, describes it as, we have this idea that behavior should just flow like the fountain. The reality is behavior is a tool that animals use to manipulate the environment, to get consequences that are going to help them make a living in the world. We can capitalize on that system or we can ignore it at our peril. And part of the way that we ignore it is this insistence, this stubborn, entitled, human insistence that he should just do it, and that's just a big myth.

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