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Dora La Exploradora (1 of 2)

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♪ Du du du du du Dora ♪ ♫ Du du du du du Dora ♫ ♪ Du du du du du Dora ♪ ♫ Du du du du du Dora ♫ (Let's go!) ♪ Dora, Dora, Dora the Explorer ♪ (Dora!) ♫ Boots is super cool, explore with Dora ♫ Hi, you're watching Dora the Explorer and I'm Dora, the explorer. And I'm her friend Boots, the monkey. We're going on an adventure. There's a project for Spanish class and we need to get an "A". Can you help us? Yes! Great, thanks! All we need are the ingredients of a great Italian dish. Cream cheese and cooked chicken rolls. But we don't know where the ingredients are. No? I have a map of Raleigh. Do you think we can find them with the map? Maybe! Let's see. Look! We're here close to Chuck 'E Cheese. Chuck 'E Cheese is my best friend. And there's a store a few streets away. Come on! No, it's "let's go". There should be a CVS near us. Do you see a CVS? Yes! Over there, look! Where are we, Dora? I don't know, Boots. We're at the CVS, but we need to find a KFC to find the store. Do you see a KFC? No, I have my backback! Maybe it can help us? Yes! Look, binoculars! Where do you think it is? This way? Are you sure, Boots? I don't know, but we can try. Okey dokey, let's go! Here's the KFC, but I don't see the Latino store. Hm... The map says it's nearby... Do you see the store? Oh, yes! It's over there! Here's the first store. I hope they have some of the ingredients we need. Look, flour! One of the ingredients. Yes. Buy it. ...okay. Well, they had some ingredients but we need more. Where should we go? We could look at the map. There's another store close to Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart? How do you get to Wal-Mart? I don't know, but we have a map. We need to find a Wal-Mart and a Pizza Hut. ...Inn. And then we can find the store. But we need your help. Let's go! Here's the Wal-Mart, but where's the Pizza Inn? Dora, do you see the Pizza Inn? No... But the map says it's that way. That way? Yes, that way. ...Let's go! Let's go! Now I see the Pizza Inn but I don't know where the second store is. Why can't we just eat pizza, Dora? I'm hungry... Because we want an "A", Botas, remember? Ay ay ay. We need to find the store. Can you help us? That way? Really? Yes! Okey dokey, let's go! We have some more ingredients, Dora. Yes, but we need even more. What? Ugh... The map says the third store is the Food Lion. It's near... A bridge and a gas station. Ay... And where is this "Food Lion"? I know where it is! What? Ay! It's Swiper, the evil fox. What should we do? I know! Say this with me. Are you ready? Yes, I'm ready! Swiper, no swiping. Swiper, no swiping! Swiper no swiping! Oh, man. Yay! Are we done? You helped us with the evil fox. Thank you! Yes, but we need to find the Food Lion. Let's go! We're here at the bridge, Dora, but we don't know how to find the Food Lion. Don't worry, Boots. Look! The map has a-- gas station... Where is the map? The map... The map has a gas station Oh, here. Okay. Do you see a gas station? Yes, yes! Over there!

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Duration: 6 minutes and 37 seconds
Country: United States
Language: Spanish (Spain)
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Posted by: darknesseofmagyk on Mar 5, 2009

un proyecto para la clase de español (enseñar la preparación de una tapa común de europa). sí, sé que la gramática es horrible. (: jaja...

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