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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~09:01:11 - 09:16:12

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-Ok, are you through? -No. -Huh? Have you even written two or one answer? Hand it in if you've written 1 or 2 answers, give it... If you've written 1 or 2 of them, it's ok. Eyes here, eyes here. This book, number one. You should listen to your first answers and pay attention. Ok, give us what you have found. Our friend says by reading this assignments... Ok. What else? -Eating what? -Food. Eating foods? What else? That's it. She'll read all that. -She'll read... -Yes, don't do that... Don't do that. Ok, point number 3. Our first essay, "Wear Shoes". They say they're wearing shoes, huh? Now, what type of shoes can we wear in order to keep our... skeleton strong? What type of shoes should we wear? Brand new shoes? -Should we be walking like this? -No. We should always wear flat-heeled shoes and medium-heeled shoes. Not high-heeled shoes? As you have seen, you are destroying your skeleton. Do you understand that? Just wearing flat-heeled shoes. Ok, what about that book... this book? -Just, just write eating food. -Eh? -Just write eating food. For the first time, I've written all my ideas there, don't mention them. -Deal. -What? I can't get you. Loudly! -Deal. -Deal? Deal? What do you want to say? Say it in Chichewa. Speak in Chichewa. What's the name of that? Teach me what dealer means... huh? -Doing exercises... -To deal? Oh, so is that doing exercises... dealing? There is no such a thing. -By making exercises... -Alright, we've written everything. Everything she has written there. Playing football is part of the exercises, ok? -Running. -Running is part of the exercises, ok? Another point? Ok, good. Another please? Ok! All the points that they have written are already on the board. Good! Ok, class, can you tell us who has not yet written? We've already written everything. Ok, the point that they found are already on the board. Good. What about here? -Eating good food. -Uh? -Eating good food. He always says eating good foods. Look at this point, they have just said eating foods. Maybe you are eating foods of the same... with the same group values or food values. For example, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamin, and... will see that other homes are only thinking of carbohydrates, carbohydrates now and again. It means the food, which we are taking are not balanced... ...are not good for your skeleton to be strong and healthy. So you must take foods, which are rich in all food values... What else? Beans and potatoes. It's already there... Pears and fruits. Millet. -Dancing. -Our friend says by dancing... Ok, dancing is part of what? -Exercise. -Good. Dancing is part of exercises. -What else? -Running. -Running, the same. What else? All those exercises are ok. Ok, all what they have listed here, they are exercises. They are in the group of exercises. Good. Can you clap hands for yourselves? Come on... Ok, go back to your places. Ok. All that we have looked at are the ways of making our skeleton strong. The ways that we have just listed here are the ways how we can make our skeleton strong. The first word we have said is by doing exercises. And the other point you have told us is... eating foods which are rich in all food groups. That's eating, eating a variety of foods. Because there are other types of foods which contain calcium. There are other types of foods which contain calcium. Foods such as milk make our bones strong. That calcium makes our bones strong. They help in the development of bones in our skeleton. Ok, and the other point you have given me here is wearing flat-heeled shoes. Flat-heeled... shoes. These are the points which you have given me, which you have told us. Now, I want to add another point which you have just left it out. Look at this! What is this please? -Chair! -It's a chair. Ok! Now, there are correct ways of sitting on a chair. Ok? Not just sitting in any way! And that sitting on a chair gives help to the development of our skeleton. The way you sit yourselves. Uh-huh? By contributing something to the development of your skeleton. To keep your skeleton strong. For example, I'd like one girl to come here and sit on the chair. I want one of you to come and sit on this chair. Let's see, someone should demonstrate... how she sits on a chair at home. And we should just look at her, ok? One girl should come and demostrate how to sit on the chair. Yes? Elizabeth, go and sit on the chair. Let us all observe her. Ok! Look at her... Sit, just remain seated. Don't mind looking at us, we're the ones who'll look at you. Ok! That's how Eliza sits on the chair. Good. I want to have a boy now. I want to have a boy demonstrate how she or he... he sits on a chair. A boy. Yes? Go back to your place. We have all seen how our friends sit, ok? They sit upright. Ok? Ok! Now that sitting, the way we have seen them sitting on the chair, that's called good posture of sitting on the chair. They have demonstrated a good posture: how should we, we should sit on chairs. Not like this! Huh? This is not recommended! To sit like this - no! Do we understand that? If one sits like this it means that...? He's wrong! It's not true. But you should sit upright because the sitting itself destroys your skeleton. Your skeleton will be destroyed here. You are destroying your skeleton! So if you sit like this in this class... no, it's not permitted. You should sit upright always. Huh? In order to keep our skeleton what? -Strong! -Huh? -Strong! We always sit upright. Now, I want someone to come here in front and demonstrate how to walk. Because the walking itself also contributes something to our skeleton. Can someboy come here and show us, she or he, how he or she walks. I want another one! Another person to come and demonstrate how he or she walks. Come on. You do not want us to see how you walk, huh? Is walking difficult? Ok! Edith? Can you demonstrate how to walk? Come on. Demostrate how to walk. Yes! Let us look at her carefully - how she is walking. Just walk the way you normally walk; not forcefully no! Just the way you normally walk! -Does she normally walk like that? -No, she doesn't walk like that! -Does she normally walk like that? -No/Yes she walks like that. Silence, look here. We have seen her walking like this yeah? You looked at the head? And the neck? -She was doing like this. -She doesn't walk that way. That's a bad posture. A bad way of walking. Is that clear? You should not walk like that because as you do this, you are destroying your skeleton. The bones of the neck are not in the correct position. They are being destroyed somewhere at the back here. Ok, can someone come here, for the last time, and demonstrate how we, we should walk? Can you come and demonstrate how we should walk? Look at him! Ok! Go again. Ok, we have looked at him, huh? He is walking. He should walk upright! Huh? Upright! Not walking like this. If you are walking like this, you are destroying your what? Your skeleton! If you are walking like this, it means you are destroying your what? Your skeleton! You should observe what happens to someone who started to walk like this... after some time, the neck remains like this, right? If you walk with one shoulder high, you'll see that some will permanently walk like this. One shoulder high! Why bother? It's because they started it as a walking style, right? So when we say this part, this consists of bones. So the bones get used to that, and shall remain like that. -Just like that. -You have deformed them! Do we understand that? Then, if you are walking like this, it means your skeleton is not in good health. Somewhere you have damaged it - there's a disaster. We're not supposed to walk like that. We are supposed to walk like this, ok? So, the other point which we are having here... The other point is by practicing good postures. That's the way we walk, the way we sit... that's good posture. The way we hold our bodies when we are moving. -Is that clear? -Yes. The way we hold our bodies when we are sitting, we are moving... that's posture.

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