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The Wire: 100 Greatest Quotes

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D'ANGELO: Is this money? Mothafucka, money be green! RAWLS: You, McNulty, are a gaping asshole. I know it. AVON: Wassup playboy? How come you’re wearing that suit b? It’s 85 fuckin’ degrees out here and you trying to be like Pat Riley. PROP JOE: Man, look the part, be the part, motherfucker. WALLACE: This is me, yo, right here. STRINGER: We're going to handle this like businessmen, sell the shit, make the profit and later for that gangsta bullshit. POOT: Do the chair know we gonna look like some punk-ass bitches out there? OMAR: I mean, I do some dirt, too, but I ain't never put my gun on nobody that wasn't in the game. BUNK: A man must have a code. OMAR: Oh, mos' def'. MARLA DANIELS: The game is rigged, but you cannot lose if you don't play. WEE-BEY: For another pit sammich and some tater salad, I'll go a few more. STRINGER: Nigga, is you taking notes on a criminal fucking conspiracy? CLAY DAVIS: I'll take any mothafucker's money if he givin' it away! D'ANGELO: Where the fuck is Wallace? Huh? Huh? String? String? Look at me! Where the fuck is Wallace? HUH!? PROP JOE: You don't think I'm gonna send any of my people up against Brother?!? Shit, that nigga got more bodies on him than a Chinese cemetery. RAWLS: These are for you, McNulty.This one over here goes up your narrow fuckin' Irish ass and this badboy here is in your fuckin eye. BUNK: (repeatedly) Ya happy now, bitch? OMAR: I’ll do what I can to help y’all. But the game’s out there, and it’s play or get played. LEVY: You are stealing from those who themselves are stealing the lifeblood from our city. You are a parasite who leaches off the culture of drugs ... OMAR: (interrupting) Just like you, man. LEVY: Excuse me? OMAR: I got the shotgun .... you got the briefcase. It's all in the game ... EMPLOYEE: No, no, you just pay at the register. SNOOP: Nah, man, you go ahead and handle that for me, man. And keep the rest for your time. EMPLOYEE: This is $800. SNOOP: So what, man? You earned that buck like a motherfucker, man. Keep that shit. SLIM CHARLES: If it's a lie, we must fight with that lie. WEE-BEY: My word is still my word. In here, in Baltimore, in any place you can think of calling home, it'll be my word that finds you. (GUNSHOT) SNOOP: You didnt even wait to get the mothafucka in the house! CLAY DAVIS: (repeatedly) Sheeeeeeeeeit! BUBBLES: Ain't no shame in holding on to grief ... as long as you make room for other things too. (GUNSHOT) SLIM CHARLES: That one's for Joe. GANSTER: Shit, that sentimental motherfucker cost us money! MARLO: Let em know Marlo step to any motherfucka out there- Omar, Barksdale, whoever. MY NAME IS MY NAME! MCNULTY: (repeatedly) The fuck did I do? OMAR: (LAUGHING) All in the game yo... (LAUGHING) All in the game. (CACKLING)

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A 10-minute video of the 100 greatest quotes from the greatest American TV show ever created, "The Wire".

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