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D3241_9 (18) 04-2018

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Clean the inside surface of the heater test section using a nylon brush saturated with dry solvent material to remove all deposits. Check the heater tube to be used in the test for surface defects and straightness, referring to procedure in A1.10 of the written standard. Be careful also to avoid scratching tube shoulder during the examination since the tube shoulder must be smooth to ensure a seal under the flow conditions of the test. Assemble the heater section using new items-- visually checked heater tube, test filter, and three O-rings. Inspect insulators to be sure they are undamaged. Heater tubes must not be reused. Tests indicate that magnesium migrates to the heater tube surface under normal test conditions. Surface magnesium may reduce adhesion of deposits to reused heater tube. During assembly of heater section, handle tube carefully so as not to touch center part of tube. If center of heater tube is touched, reject the tube, since the contaminated surface may affect the deposit-forming characteristics of the tube. Perform the following steps in the order shown prior to running a subsequent test. It is assumed that the apparatus has been disassembled from previous test. See annex A5 of the written standard or appropriate user manual for assembly and disassembly details. Inspect and clean components that contact test sample. And replace any seals that are faulty or suspect, especially the lip seal on piston and O-rings on the reservoir cover, lines, and prefilter cover. Install prepared heater section as described in 9.1.1 through 9.1.4 of the written standard. Assemble prefilter with new element and install. Check thermocouple for correct reference position. Then lower into standard operating position. On models 230 and 240, make sure the water beaker is empty.

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D3241_9 (18) 04-2018

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