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SMI Final HD

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[In the old world] [the analog world] [things were simpler for corporations] [We used ads to talk] [AT our customers] [We could not hear their responses] [We focused on the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA] [Our customers watched television on 4 channels--ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC] [Today corporations exist in a digital world] [Facebook links our customers to 500 friends each] [Google enables our customers to search our organizations and our brands and our people] [We can have conversations with customers] [hear what they like and what they don't like] [Today, we can connect with our customers as individuals] [Our customers access content through 250,000 global media channels] [Over 75% of our potential new customer base] [lives in Russia, China, Brazil, India, Mexico] [our customers watch television with their mobile phone in hand] [Today our customers are] [connected] [Today there is an expectation from our customers] [that we are transparent, authentic, sustainable] [An expectation from our shareholders that we are] [transparent and can justify every dollar] [To future proof our organizations in a digital world] [We need to be equipped to answer questions] [How much do we spend on Google, CBS, Facebook, Hulu] [Yahoo!, YouTube, Viacom, Renren, News Corporation, HBO?] [How much am I spending in] [New York, Mumbai, Shanghai, London, Los Angeles, Sydney, Moscow?] [Can I correlate ad spend with sales to get real time outputs?] [Can we answer these questions TODAY?] [Do we have access to the data we need to make the right decisions?] [Can we access our sales data , ad spend data, performance data, customer data, market data, content?] [Today's world is a data race.] [Those who can access it, understand it, and creatively apply it] [will gain deeper connections with customers] [and drives sales growth and market share] [SMI - Standard Media Index - Real Time, Real Data, Real Insights™]

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Duration: 2 minutes and 35 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: None
Views: 158
Posted by: clara.garcia on Jan 30, 2013

SMI Final HD

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