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Masters of KAB. Class #3 : Illusion Vs Reality

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Rav Berg on Reality versus Illusion. Because what doesn't appear, doesn't exist. And we know it's the opposite. What appears [hebrew] Don't be certain of it's existence. What kind of a nut is this man, over here? The Uncertainty Principle Uncertainty principle. I believe in it. Whatever you see in reality is uncertain. What you see and what becomes the physical reality the first if you could, and I do this, I do this in my own personal life. The moment I see something on a physical realm become manifest I say it's absolutely an illusion. Now let me see if I can get to the bottom of everything. Wow. You don't do that? You'll never get there. Certainty Can Be Found Only In The 99% Reality Where could there be certainty? Maybe in the 99%. You know, in fact that even sounds logical. Where would the certainty be? In the 1% or the 99%? In the majority. That's even logical. And I believe in that principle too. So, I'm saying that in Keter, in contact with the light is totality. It's all there before it became manifest. In fact as it goes on it gets less and less. How do I know it's true? The pebble. Gets less and less. The circles are less and less. The closer I get to what? The Malchut. Impact. Reality. It's smaller. Reality is smaller. The Footprint Is Already On The Beach Like that footprint on the beach before he gets there. This is the answer. Right here. That they still haven't even begun to get a glimse of what they're talking about but they know already. They figured it out mathematically. That's the reality. The footprint is there. Now we understand, of course the footprint is there before he thought about being there on that beach in Los Angeles on that day, the footprint is there but the plane doesn't leave until next Wednesday. This is the paradox. You got to go first, your thought. What are you talking about? Are you talking about building the plant or are you talking about thinking about building the plant? Where are you? If you're in the thinking, you've got to be first at Keter. If you're talking about the physical, be in the buts, be in Malchut. But don't make one terrible mistake. Don't get stuck in the mud. You know, don't stay there. Don't you see after the pebble gets stuck in the mud, Malchut, it gets out of it. Without The Mud There Is No Light Without a Malchut that says, no and therefore Malchut stays, what? In darkness. Without light. That darkness, that corruption, creates what? The manifestation of light. This is a real paradox. Right? The mud makes manifest the light. Without the mud, there will be no light. Because that's the rule. When? When, does light become revealed to it's maximum? When it comes in contact with what? A vessel that desires because there is no sharing unless, what? There is a desire. You give people things and they have no desire for it, it's an exercise in futility. There must be a hungry person for the satisfaction of sharing to that hungry person but share to a full satiated person, there is never a satisfaction of giving. The satisfaction of having given, sharing, does not exist. The Source Of All Our Desires (audience question - so it's like saying the darkness is the only thing that wants light?) Why? Because it doesn't have. Because it doesn't have and that was the process of the 4 phases, that Rav Ashlag revealed. That it must go out of necessity, come to a degree where what? That you had it and lost it. Therefore we understand, you learnt that in the first few lectures on Kabbalah. That the reason we all behave the way we do and the reason we all have our needs and wants is because at Ein Sof we had all of that. Came the Tzimtzum, we lost all of it and now if you want to know why I have a particular desire for this and others have that it's because in the Ein Sof that was what I was filled with. I had it and the Tzimtzum brought about the disappearance of it. Now all of my activity is what? To get it back, to retrieve it again. Therefore I want this he wants that because everybody was filled with another fulfilment. But only because there is emptiness, there is a state of non-fulfilment that creates desire.

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