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today our retirement home in Wood Long on the cutting edge of security technology the residents living there no longer need keys to get to their apartments all they need are their faces Foxes report Arielle clay joined this life from downtown Birmingham with more one This is kind like a movie right? its like something out of a spy movie, Jennies. the SafeRise system uses voice, face and behavioral recognition to allow residents in and out of this retirement home here in Wood Long no keys no hassle and the residents say that they love it its better, because we have a lot of packages, you don't have to put this packages on and look for your key, to get in and you just walk up and look into the camera and a "common in" I haven't had a single problem alright - I want to show you and explain how this all works If you resident if you register all you have to do is walk up put your feet on this two orange foot print and look directly to the camera and it will turn green and you can walk right in. Now, I was registered, the operation company that actually operate this system registered me so I’m allowed in now, but we want to show some video someone you may recognize, but that the camera didn't. Birmingham mare. William Dell he tried to get in little bit earlier the camera didn't recognized him and they did not let him in, the door did not buzz the system works basically by scanning residence faces, it also has voice recognition component, if the face scanning doesn't works. now, the technology was developed in Israel and this is the first system in the South East it's getting more popularity and there is probably more than a dozen here in America but again it was developed by a General in the Israeli Army

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Posted by: anatsin on Jan 11, 2012

Entrance using SAFERISE system

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