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We are about to begin a very important journey and for some of you this is the first time for others you’ve done this quite a few times before but what's most important of all is that will be an explanation throughout this evening What's most important is the understanding that because we are here collectively, doing these connections our own connection and the Light that we’ll received will be that much more magnified Very simply put, there are 15 stages to this process The kabbalist explains that 15 represents the amount of levels it takes to achieve perfection which means that tonight as we make this connection together we are going to be able to bring into our lives the removal of any type of darkness, the removal of any type of pain and, at least, taste of what the ultimate state of being is. We won’t be able to stay there, that’s true but we will be able to draw that back down into our lives. So we are now about to begin the 15-step journey each one of them elevating us further and further the ultimate purpose again is to be removed from any negativity that exists in our own life, in our own world and to taste and to elevate to that state of perfection. And again, some of you understand a lot more than others but what's most important is as we do these connections together to maintain that simple certainty and consciousness that we are elevating together that there is an opening this evening in the cosmos, in the world that is not opened in any other time of the year. As we make this connection to these 15 steps of elevation we’ll draw into our lives the ability, the strength, the Light, the power to be able to leave all darkness behind. Each time we are about to take one of these steps, we will say that code and there are a lot of words that we are going to use that are simply codes that awaken a specific Light. So each time before each of the 15 steps we will collectively say the name of that step in the ancient language that, the kabbalists teach, awakens the Light of that step. So as we come on page 35 we will say together on the top of page 35 we say together KADDISH

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