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Story of My Mother

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My Mother's Story by Malia Staab My Mother was born in Taiwan in 1951. Her parents went from Hebei to Taiwan. Her father started to work for the WHO while in Taiwan, and that is why she grew up in Korea, Samoa, and Fiji. She has clear memories of always having to move and always transferring to new schools when she was young. It was not easy for her mother because she was always needing to learn a new language. Each place they lived in were poor. After leaving Taiwan at age ten, every school she attended was an International School where English was spoken so Mother's English was very fluent. In 1970 when she was 19, she went to Kansas University for school because when she lived in Korea, their neighbor was an American from Kansas. My Mother was very happy that her parents allowed her to come to America as America was relatively free and college life was very happy. When she came to the United States, she was the first in her family. Her father also came to the United States for college but he did not remain in the U. S. so there was no family or friends here. After attending Kansas University for a year, her younger brother also came for college at Kansas University. The Chinese value the family being together and helping each other. When Mother came to the United States, she lived in the college dorms. At the time, her family was in Samoa. She also had family in China but it had been over 20 years since there was any exchange because the Communist had taken over in China. She decided to attend the University of Hawaii upon graduating from Kansas University because it was closer to where her parents lived. My Mother met my father at the University of Hawaii as they were in graduate school together. That is why she remained here and found a job at Punahou. When my Mother came to Hawaii, she was already 22. After she came here, her two younger sisters and youngest brother also came to Hawaii to study. Her two younger sisters were also at the University of Hawaii and her youngest brother was at Mid-Pac. Mother got married in 1976. When Mother married, she did not want children because she felt that raising a child in America was too difficult - American kids did not seem very obedient to their parents. However, when her younger sister had a child and she baby sat, she found that she really enjoyed watching him. After being married for 8 years, she gave birth to a child. My older sister, Janice, was born in 1984. I was born in 1996. She has lived in many different countries. If she had a choice of where to live, she would select Hawaii because it is a beautiful place and people are friendly. She likes Hawaii because there are people of all cultures living together here. There are people from all over. My Mother always encourages me to understand different cultures and that I should go to other places to see how their cultures are – what their good points are and what their bad points are; that we should not only understand our own culture; that we should have a global world view. Thank you for listening to my mother's story.

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Duration: 4 minutes and 12 seconds
Year: 2014
Country: United States
Producer: Malia Staab
Director: Malia Staab
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Posted by: jyluchen on Feb 10, 2014

Story of My Mother Hope Staab
Created by Malia Staab in Chinese
Translated by Linette Char into English

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