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The Global Leadership Summit 2014 INTL Promo

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Long before it was common to talk about leadership in the church, I knew a high-challenge, vision-filled experience for Christian leaders was needed. Twenty years later the stage has been set for an unprecedented global movement impacting 190,000 leaders in 105 countries. What makes The Global Leadership Summit one of the most unique global experiences is it's steadfast commitment to challenging everyone to embrace the critical role God has assigned them. In my life, God has taught me crucial leadership lessons through the speakers who have provoked me or who exposed areas I needed to grow in as a leader. I would not be who I am today apart from the Summit's influence. Your team can also benefit greatly from experiencing the Summit together. Let me introduce to this year's powerful lineup. I am excited for everyone to hear Jeffrey Immelt, current CEO of General Electric. I am anxious for Summit crowd to meet Wilfredo de Jesús, pastor of New Life Covenant Church and one of TIME magazine's most influential people. I am eager for you to hear Susan Cain. She is an award-winning author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts. I predict one of the most interesting sessions will be with Tyler Perry. He has written and starred in feature films. He is known in Hollywood as a person of deep faith and compassion. I think this will be quite a session at the Summit. So that's an inside look at some of this year's faculty. I have the opportunity to teach the opening session again. The full lineup includes Carly Fiorina, Patrick Lencioni, Ivan Satyavrata, Bryan Loritts, Allen Catherine Kagina, Joseph Grenny, Louie Giglio, Erica Ariel Fox, and Don Flow. Leadership is about influence. Each of us has a responsibility to steward our influence well. Your church, community, family and our world need you to lead well. The stage is set. See you at the Summit. Register at

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